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Fic: Spock's First Christmas
ST - bb!spock two worlds
lallyloo wrote in simple_feeling
Title: Spock's First Christmas
Series: AU (STXI)
Rating: G
Word Count: 3645
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: I haven't written Kirk/Spock in many months, so I'm a bit rusty!
Written for ksadvent.

Summary: Six year old Spock is the new boy at school and Jim Kirk's new best friend. Winona talks Amanda into letting Spock stay over on Christmas Eve, and Jim explains Christmas to Spock.

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**floats away from the cute**

This fic is a perfect example of Christmas magic. I absolutely love it!
Thank you.

I'm happy you liked it! Thank you!

So cute! BBSpock and BBJim are adorable, and that last line absolutely killed me from squee. The idea of a kid Spock being all "Santa brought something for ME?!" and being surprised bc he's Vulcan is just way too precious. :D Loved!

Thank you! Aww Spock, he's a serious Vulcan but he's also still a kid.. I'm glad that came through here! :)

Oh God, this is so adorable that I did not know whether to smile or cry ... whatever, I did both lol
This was beautiful history, thanks for writing. Fics like this make me happy holidays ^ ^
Have you thought about any continuation with them grown? It would be nice ^ ^

Aww thanks so much! I hadn't considered a sequel because I have absolutely no idea where I'd take it.. But who knows, maybe it'll be my advent story for next year! ;)

Your fic brings to mind why I've always loved kid fics... sweet beyond sweet and so cute and if I just say a great big AWWWW will that about cover it?

I think this stamped a smile on my face that's not likely to come off for the rest of the night! Thank you for this!

Haha, a great big AWWWW will do nicely! Thank you!


I need babies. Clearly that is the message here.

BB!jim and bb!spock are both so precious in their own little ways.

outfit which covers him all the way to his toes, and as Jim steps closer Spock notices the fabric is covered with tiny spaceships - eeep!

Aww! Yes, clearly that is the message. And heeee Jim's footie pajamas <3

Thank you!

K/S Advent 2011 Masterlist

User arminaa referenced to your post from K/S Advent 2011 Masterlist saying: [...] December 3 Title: Spock's First Christmas [...]


It was lovely.

Of course I imagaine Spock keeps a vigilant eye since Santa is now a stalker. *grins*

Haha, yeah, I imagine that's what Spock would do after this :)


Awww *melts from the cute*.... Tiny!Jim and Tiny!Spock and Christmas magic..... adorable *melts some more*

Thank you for sharing. :D

awww they're so cute and spock's so adorable!!!

Thank you!!

(and I'm sorry for the late reply!)

Absolutely adorable!! I loved it!

Hello, lallyloo!

I really enjoy reading your de-aged fics, the little spock and jim are so adorable, and they could even be the deadly weapons LOL! I tried to reach you in AO3, but I haven't heard from you. So I hope I could be a bit luckier here. I would like to ask for your permission to translate this lovely fic to share with more readers! Looking for your reply! Thanks ;-)

Edited at 2014-12-01 12:48 am (UTC)

Hello, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting! Yes, that would be fine! I'm happy you enjoyed the story. Thanks so much :)