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Fic: Socks, Stockings, and A Star
ST - k/s rainbow
lallyloo wrote in simple_feeling
Title: Socks, Stockings, and a Star
Series: ST XI
Rating: R
Word Count: ~11,000
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: Written for ksadvent.

Summary: For the prompt: During a rare shore leave on Earth over the holidays, Kirk invites Spock to his (empty) family home complete with log fires, and teaches him how to decorate a tree.

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*claps* It's lovely - very sweet, just like a Christmas story should be.

I'm glad you thought so! Thank you! ♥

(and LOL that icon is amazing)

this is beautiful :D

loved it so much!

thanks for sharing :)

Glad you liked it! Thanks! ♥

So, GUH, this is just adorable in EVERY WAY, and I kind of think I love it. In every way. It's just so lovely and Christmassy and sweet and domesticcy and yet somehow simultaneously new and yet familiar. If that makes sense? Ah, you've just captured the emotions so well!!
Although, I have to admit you pretty much had me when Spock traced Euler's Identity. Not that my username could've given that away or anything, though? :P Oh but god, of course he'd love that equation! Oh Spock, I love your little nerd self!
And all the scenes of them under the blankets... that whole effortless intimacy of that, I thought it was worked out really, really well! The way it starts of perfectly innocent but then it ends up really bringing them closer like that... it really made a lot of sense to me! And it was so cute!!
And also: virginal!Spock + fully clothes frottage = one of the hottest combinations of anything ever, not gonna lie. CUE VOYAGES TO BUNKS AFAR.
So yes so nice and sweet and warm and Christmassy and just made me feel good inside! <3

That definitely makes sense, and I'm happy you enjoyed it! And it's awesome that you could relate to Spock tracing Euler's Identity (and haha your username is perfect). I was a little wary about including that bit, because I wasn't sure if people would understand or agree or think I was way off base.. So I'm glad you liked that part! And simultaneously new and yet familiar is a such a compliment. Thanks so much! ♥

So very sweet. I love the hesitancy in both of them, but also the ease they have with each other--as if they know nothing will go wrong. Lovely!

Aww I'm glad it came across that way! Thank you so much. ♥

OMG, that was friggin' adorable. I laughed out loud at some things Spock said, and his befuddlement with the grilled cheese sandwiches. And socks! Fandom gives me weird kinks. I might have a sock kink now. *facepalms*


Haha there's nothing wrong with weird kinks! Even sock kinks.. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed this! Thanks so much. ♥

You just made my christmas. It was the best story I could have found. It was... plain perfect, actually. Thank you for that.

Merry Christmas !

Wow, I'm so happy you enjoyed this! Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you too! ♥

I'm glad you thought so! Thanks! ♥

This is just...really good. Really! Good. It's like, I'm smiling and feeling teary at the same time. I love Spock's uncertainty (but again, not too much--you're so great at that balance) and Jim's funness and still, he's patient. It's what makes him a great starship captain, and Spock's best friend. ♥ Fabulous, fabulous writing - thank you so much for sharing!

Wow, thank you again! I'm glad the balance worked for you here, and I'm happy to hear that I made you smile and feel teary at the same time! That's a huge compliment :) Thanks for reading!