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Fic: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 7/8

Title: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 7/8
Series: ST XI
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3275
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: For two prompts (here and here).
Almost finished! The adventures continue in this one, but I'm pretty sure the next one will be the final chapter. To anyone following this, hope you've enjoyed it so far!
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI

Summary: Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise. Fluffy de-aged fic.

Jim and Spock step out of the bathroom, after changing into their black underclothes, when there's a buzz at the door of McCoy's quarters. The doctor presses a button and Scotty walks in, followed closely by Chekov.

Scotty smiles brightly at them. “Morning, boys! Lookin' forward to being back to your old selves again?”

Spock remains silent as Jim frowns up at Scotty. “I don't wanna be my old self.”

“I don't think you'll mind it so much once you're back there, lad.”

Jim looks away, focusing his attention on a shelf. His small fingers pick at the binding of one of McCoy's ancient medical texts. “I don't wanna be back there.”

“We have no recollection of being adults,” Spock adds quietly. “The idea of returning to adult bodies is a daunting prospect.”

“Ay, understandable,” Scotty says with a nod. “But no worries, we'll have you fixed up right and proper, and soon this'll all just be a great story.”

Jim doesn't respond as his fingers travel over the gadgets on McCoy's shelf. Spock moves to stand beside him, offering silent comfort as they wait for instructions from the adults.

As McCoy talks to Scotty and Chekov, questioning them on the process, Spock follows Jim around the doctor's quarters. His inner clock tells him it is approximately 04:00 hours and if Jim's yawns are any indication he is absolutely correct.

Spock leans in to inquire, “are you still tired, Jim?”

“Nah,” Jim replies untruthfully. “I'm just lookin' at stuff.” He yawns again, so forcefully his eyes water.

“I assume we will have the opportunity to resume sleep after we are re-aged.”

Jim looks cautiously behind him, before leaning in closer to Spock and replying, “I'm not goin'.”

Spock can feel his eyebrow disappear into his hairline. “Jim,” he whispers. “I do not believe we have a choice.”

“I'm gonna run away.” He grins at Spock. “You're gonna come with me, right?”

“Jim, I--”

Spock is about to explain the logistical problems they'll face in attempting to run away on a starship, when he is interrupted by McCoy.

“You boys ready? We're heading to the transporter room now.”

Jim gives Spock an exaggerated wink just before they turn to face the doctor.

“We gotta visit Maggie before we go.”

“I'm not sure we have time for that, kid.”

Jim frowns. “I told her I'd come back everyday. So we gotta say goodbye.”

McCoy glances between the two boys, before focusing on Jim who lets out another yawn. “You boys really want to say goodbye to a plant?”

“Yeah,” Jim replies. “Or she'll be sad.”

The doctor glances at Spock, and Spock nods. “It is unlikely to interfere with our transporter trip. A few minutes will only delay the re-aging, not effect it. Besides, doctor, she is not simply a plant. She is a sentient being who is capable of thought and feeling.”

A smirk rises on the doctor's mouth. “Five years old, my ass.”

Spock glances at Jim who is staring at Bones with surprise.

“That's another swear,” Jim says quietly.

McCoy smiles and reaches over to pat Jim's hair. “Sure was, kid. And once you're back to your old self you won't even think twice about my cussin'.”


“Mister Sulu, you wanna jump with me under Maggie's leaves?”

Sulu smiles at Jim, watching as the small boy jumps in the air. Jim's arms flail above him as he reaches for Maggie's branches.

“Maybe next time.”

“I'm supposed to grow up later. But I'll come back and we can jump.”

Sulu's smile widens and he winks at Jim. “Sounds good.”

Jim grins and glances over at Spock who is standing quietly and smiling to himself as Maggie curls her leaves around his ears.

“How come she always touches you, Spock? I keep tryin' to touch her leaves, but she won't let me.”

Sulu interjects, “I think she's teasing you, Jim.”

“Teasin'?” Jim looks up at the swirling vines and pouts. “Maggie, stop teasin' me.”

The vines slow to a stop above Jim's head, and seem to droop slightly.

“She wasn't teasing to be mean to you,” Sulu explains. “She does it because she likes you. The same way she pets Spock because she likes him.”

Jim continues peering up at the vines as one branch moves cautiously towards his face. Maggie rolls one of her leaves and taps Jim gently on the nose. He waits patiently as the leaf moves down, pausing, outstretched and waiting as if offering a handshake. Jim raises his hand and slips it inside the leaf, grinning as he shakes hands with Maggie.

“Pleased to meet you!” Jim says with a laugh.

Maggie's leaves flutter, as if mimicking Jim's laughter, before several vines move forward to wrap around Jim's arms and curl through his hair.

“Pick me up again, Maggie!” Jim is laughing and jumping, encouraging Maggie to lift him like she did the day they met.

McCoy, who had been watching from the sidelines, suddenly steps forward. “Now, Jim, be careful.”

“It's alright,” Sulu says, his hand raised to pause McCoy's actions. “She won't hurt him.”

Spock watches with wonder as the vines grip Jim's arms tightly before lifting him into the air. Jim grins down at Spock, squealing with delight as he kicks his legs out. Maggie bounces him once or twice before gently lowering him back to the floor.

“Perhaps I--” Spock looks up shyly at Maggie's vines, almost embarrassed to ask. He whispers to the leaf closest to his face, “perhaps I could have a turn?”

The leaves flutter around him suddenly, and Spock can feel strong vines wrapping around his arms. He looks at Jim in surprise, and the blond boy looks back at him in amazement as he rises off the floor.

“Spock! You're up in the air!”

Too thrilled to speak, Spock simply nods and allows himself to smile down at Jim.

The grip on his arms seems to tighten slightly, and Spock can feel himself being bounced up and down. He kicks out a leg, testing the feeling, before kicking both legs in the same manner as Jim.

“Having fun up there?”

Spock feels himself tense as he glances over at McCoy and Sulu, but is relieved to see they look amused. Spock nods at the doctor, and they exchange a smile.

Maggie bounces him once more before slowly lowering him to the floor. The vines unravel, releasing his arms, and Spock reaches up to pet the leaves as they pull away from him.

“Alright, boys,” McCoy says quietly. “Time to go.”

Maggie reaches out two branches, one towards Jim and one towards Spock. Jim raises his hands to grasp Maggie's leaves and press them flat against his cheeks. He's whispering, but Spock is close enough to hear him.

“I'm gonna come visit you. Even when I'm big. I promise.”

Spock closes his eyes as he reaches up to touch the leaves curled around his ears. “Goodbye, Maggie,” he whispers. “I will miss you.”

Maggie pats their heads before pulling her vines away completely, swirling them above the boys' heads and fluttering her leaves in a waving motion.

As they head for the door, Jim slips his hand into Spock's.


They round another corner, heading for the transporter room, and Jim's pace seems to slow. He still grasps Spock's hand, but he falls at least two steps behind with their arms outstretched between them.

“Bones, is the transporter gonna hurt?”

“No,” McCoy replies as he continues marching down the corridor. “You'll barely feel it, kid.”


Spock attempts to keep up with the doctor while also slowing his pace enough for Jim to keep up with him.

“What alterations did Mister Scott make in order to facilitate our transformation?”

“I couldn't tell you, Spock.” McCoy says with a smirk. “All I know is Chekov came up with a suggestion and it worked. But I promise, you'll have plenty of time to discuss it with them later.”

Jim gives Spock's hand a quick squeeze before letting go. Spock halts his footsteps, and looks back to see Jim crouched over his boots.

“Laces are untied,” Jim mumbles as he reaches for the trailing strings.

McCoy travels several steps ahead of them, distracted by something on his PADD, before turning around. “What's the hold-up?”

“It appears Jim's laces have come undone.”

“Not sure why that yeoman gave you boots with laces,” McCoy mutters. “Can ya do them up yourself, kid, or you need help?”

“I can do it,” Jim replies as he makes two loops and twists them together.

“Alright, do it quick and catch up. Scotty and Chekov are waiting for us in the transporter room.” McCoy continues down the hallway, his eyes locked on his PADD.

Spock watches Jim tie his boots, waiting for the small boy to catch up with him, when Jim suddenly turns and runs. His footsteps are seemingly silent as his small feet hit the floor, and he nearly reaches the end of the corridor when he turns to shout at Spock, “come on!”

At the sound of the shout, McCoy turns back in surprise. “Jim!”

Jim stands at the end of the corridor, motioning for Spock to join him, while Spock remains stuck to his spot on the floor.

“Come on, you two, this is no time for games.” McCoy takes a lumbering step forward, and Spock briefly considers his options – obeying the doctor, or following Jim.

“Spock!” Jim shouts at him, his arms flailing as he appears torn between waiting for Spock and running for his life.

Glancing back at McCoy, Spock gives the doctor an apologetic look. He doesn't want to disobey, but he doesn't want to leave Jim to wander the ship alone. McCoy is only a few feet away when Jim shouts at him again. “Spock, run!”

And suddenly he's running.

“Yeah!” Jim jumps at the end of the corridor, punching his small fist into the air.

Spock's feet seem to soar as he runs towards Jim. He can't remember running before, other than for physical education purposes, and he can't deny the feeling of freedom that comes over him.

Jim's eyes grow wide as Spock gets closer. “Bones is comin'!”

When Spock reaches Jim they turn the corner together, linking their hands, and run down another corridor. Behind them they can hear Bones' raised voice as he shouts into his communicator, “--running away, or some fool thing. Right now they're headed back to the lift. Someone cut them off, but don't scare them.”

Jim's giggles echo through the corridor as the lift comes into sight. “We're runnin' away!”

Spock nods in agreement as they reach the lift, his fingers mashing the buttons in his excitement. The doors slide open and the boys run inside. They turn and see McCoy round a corner just as the doors whoosh shut.

“What is our plan, Jim?”

“I didn't think of one before I started runnin',” Jim admits as he examines the information panel. He reaches up and presses a button for the lowest level of the ship, and the lift springs into motion. “We'll just figure somethin' out.”

As the lift slides to a stop, Jim and Spock step cautiously off the lift. “Nobody's here,” Jim says quietly as they look from side to side, trying to decide which corridor to take.

As if on cue, voices echo up the corridor on their right. Footsteps follow, and Spock can tell there are at least three people running towards them. Jim's eyes grow wide.

“Jim, we must run.”

They bolt to the left, scurrying up the corridor. Spock notes each door as they run past, trying to decide which room would be best for hiding.

“This one!” Jim shouts as he grasps Spock's hand and pulls him through a large door. Immediately Spock recognizes the area as the engineering room in which they played pirates.

“I remember this one from before,” Jim explains as he leads Spock to the back of the room. “Lotsa good places to hide.”

As they encounter a series of tubes, they hear the large entrance door slide open.

“Security says they detected movement in one of the engineering rooms. I'm checking it out right now, sir.”

“Comm me if you find them.” McCoy's voice rings out over a communicator, and Jim looks at Spock with fear.

“We gotta hide!”

They enter the tube as quickly as possible, and climb up the ladder inside. Spock reaches the top first and Jim climbs up behind him, standing close as they share the same rung.

“We can stay here until they go away,” Jim whispers. “Then we'll hide somewhere else.”

Spock glances around the inside of the tube, listening to the ensign walking around outside, and he suddenly feels defeated. “Jim,” he whispers back. “I am not sure we can hide on the ship indefinitely.”

“Maybe not indefitedly, but maybe for awhile?”

“How will we eat?”

“We can sneak into the mess hall, likes spies!”

“Where will we sleep?”

“We can hide somewhere and sleep there and no one will find us.”

When Spock doesn't reply, Jim's mouth falls into a frown. “You don't wanna run away anymore?”

Spock reaches for Jim's hand, attempting to reassure him. “I am not sure how we will manage to hide indefinitely. A starship is not conducive to remaining hidden for long periods of time.”

He smiles shyly at Jim. “However, if you wish to continue our adventure, I will stay with you.”

A small smile moves over Jim's face. “You mean it?”

Spock nods.

He stares into the bright blue eyes for a moment, and suddenly Jim leans forward and plants a kiss on his cheek. Spock's free hand flies up to touch his face, his fingers moving over the spot.

“Jim, why?”

Jim hesitates for a moment, and suddenly a strange face appears at the bottom of the tube. The man speaks into his communicator, “found them. They're in a Jefferies tube.”

Jim frowns as McCoy's voice replies that he's on his way.


“Bones, I don't wanna go.”

Jim sits on the edge of the transporter, Spock sitting on one side and McCoy sitting on the other. Jim leans against the doctor's leg, and McCoy's hand rests on his head.

“I know, kid. But it's something you have to do.”

Jim presses his face into his knees, sniffling, and McCoy's hand moves down to rub his back.

“And it's okay to cry.”

“I'm not cryin'.”

“Alright. Well, if you were crying it's nothing to be ashamed of.”

Jim is silent for a moment. “I'm scared,” he finally whispers.

“It's okay to be scared,” McCoy whispers back. “Jimmy, you want to know a secret?”

Jim glances up as he wipes a few stray tears from his face. “Yeah.”

“I'm afraid of transporters too. And flying. And space.”

Jim's eyes grow wide. “You are??”

The doctor nods. “Sure am. But you know what I do?”

Jim shakes his head.

“I take a job in space, and do it all anyway.”

Jim smiles slightly. “Because you're brave?”

McCoy winks at him. “Brave or crazy, kid, I'm not sure which yet.”


“Yeah, Jim.”

“Will you be here when we get back?”

McCoy pats Jim's head reassuringly. “Sure will. I'll be here the entire time.”

Jim turns to Spock. “Are you scared?”

Spock shakes his head. “I assume Pavel and Mister Scott have made the necessary repairs to the transporter, and I trust that Doctor McCoy would not put us in danger. Therefore I am not afraid.”

“Oh.” Jim glances at the floor. “Well, can I hold your hand when we go?”

“Of course,” Spock replies, reaching for Jim's hand. “Assuming it will not interfere with the transportation.”

Jim turns back to McCoy. “Can I hold Spock's hand when we go?”

“We'll have to ask Mister Scott,” McCoy glances in Scotty's direction and the chief engineer nods his head silently. “But I'm sure it won't be a problem.”


Spock and Jim stand together on the transporter pad, their arms outstretched far enough to allow their fingertips to touch.

“On my go,” Scotty says. “We beam them out slowly, wait ten seconds, then beam them back. Should be enough time for the changes to kick in and reverse things.”

Scotty counts down from three. “Three, two, one, GO.”

Spock watches as a swirling white light seems to envelope him. Then darkness for what feels like a split second, and suddenly he's back on the transporter pad staring into the face of Doctor McCoy.

He glances down at himself to discover an adult body, and quickly glances to his left to see an adult version of Jim Kirk.

Jim is also looking down at himself curiously. He raises his gaze to the transporter console, and then turns to his right. As he catches a glimpse of Spock he glances down at where their fingertips are intertwined. He jolts suddenly and pulls his fingers from Spock's. His brow furrows as he glances back at McCoy.

The doctor steps forward. “Jim, Spock, do you know where you are?”

Jim nods, “yeah, the transporter room.”


“We are currently standing in the transporter room of the USS Enterprise.”

McCoy sighs with relief. “Do you remember what just happened?”

Jim is silent as Spock replies. “A transporter malfunction turned us into five year old children for a brief period of time. A solution from Mister Chekov allowed us to return to our proper forms.”

Jim is watching Spock with an amused expression. McCoy turns to him. “Jim?”

Shaking his head, Jim lets out a laugh. “I don't know what you guys are talking about, but last thing I remember I was beaming up from Straythos VII. Spock was carrying a bunch of rocks, and I was looking forward to catching up on sleep. Now we're here and I don't have a clue what's happening.”

Spock turns to him. “You do not recall arriving in the transporter room de-aged to five years old?”

Jim laughs again. “No.”

“You do not recall playing with Maggie or eating with Ensign Chekov?”

“Nope, but who's this Maggie chick? Sounds fun.” Jim moves forward and claps Spock on the shoulder before stepping off the transporter pad. “Everything back to normal then, Bones?”

McCoy nods, eying Jim suspiciously. “Yeah, as normal as it can be, I suppose.”

“Good. Now if you'll excuse me gentlemen, I've got work to do.”

Jim heads for the door as McCoy calls after him, “report to sickbay, Jim. I want a complete physical before you're back on duty.”

Jim waves his hand in vague agreement as the doors shut behind him.

Spock remains on the transporter pad, staring in silent shock at the closed doors.


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