darkqueenmeg (darkqueenmeg) wrote in simple_feeling,

Oral Fixation

Title: Oral Fixation
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Warning: nc-17
Summary: Who doesn't love a good blow job? :D
Disclaimer: not mine

His moan filled the room as a mouth licked slowly from the base to the head of the underside of his cock. A tongue licked teasingly around the head while a hand squeezed the base. As the mouth moved to suck lightly on the head, another hand rose to cup the balls gently, tugging on them just enough to cause him to gasp loudly. The mouth opened to allow his cock further inside and the tongue stroked it as it began to slide in and out, tasting his precum as he leaked with arousal.

Unintelligible words began to pour out of his mouth, as his lover began stroking his cock with one hand while sucking hungrily on it with his mouth. Occasionally, teeth would lightly graze the sensitive skin and hips would jerk forward uncontrolled. Hands clawed savagely at the bed sheets, small holes beginning to tear where fingernails dug into them. When his cock hit the back of a warm,wet throat, he moaned even louder and the moaning continued as he felt it slip slightly down it, the tightness of the throat causing more friction.

The mouth eased up and began quick, soft shallow thrusts. He attempted to sit up to see why the attention had softened, but found he did not have the strength nor control to do more than lift his head slightly. All he saw were lust filled and amused eyes staring back at him and felt a warm, rough hand snake it's way up his belly to his chest. An index finger began to softly tease around a nipple then pinch it, causing it to harden. He could not stop himself from thrusting his hips forward to meet the warm mouth, attempting to gain harder contact. A flicker of a smile formed on the lips as the mouth descended once again upon his cock, the hand cupping the balls moved up to wrap around the base of his erection, squeezing it hard.

He groaned, his back arched, his head was thrown back and his mouth wide open forming an 'oh'. The mouth moved down and began lightly running it's tongue over his balls. His legs widened to give better access and the mouth took one ball at a time into it, sucking gently before releasing it. His hands reached down and clutched his lover's head, running his hands aimlessly through the hair.

His skin was wet and shiny in the starlight from the extensive stimulation he had been receiving. He was unsure of how much longer this could continue, how much more he could take before he was allowed to climax. His lover was able to read this, though no words were spoken, as hands roughly clasped soft rounded flesh and forced his hips off the bed, and drew his cock deeper into the awaiting mouth. This crazed sucking was more fierce than any of the previous, and the effects were evident in the loud vocalizations bouncing off the walls of the small bedroom. Both men would later wonder if they had been overheard by any of the crew, though currently neither gave it any consideration.

Suddenly, he gave a sharp gasp as he clutched at his lovers hair, so hard he may have scratched the scalp or ripped some hair. His lover did not seem to mind as he hungrily swallowed all of his orgasm and released his cock with a wet popping sound. His hips were set down gently on the bed, but hands remained on his ass. The mouth moved up his torso, kissing and licking alternatively, making their way to his lips. They kissed softly but passionately for several minutes, then parted so that almost black eyes met blue.

"So, was that satisfactory?" Jim teased.

Spock moved a hand up to cup the side of his face and stroke Jim's lower lip with his thumb.

"Yes Jim, it was satisfactory."

Jim laughed and Spock lift his head up to met his lips with a kiss, then took his bottom lip between his and sucked, "more than satisfactory".
Tags: author: darkqueenmeg, kirk/spock, rating: nc-17
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