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Fic: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 6/8

Title: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 6/8
Series: ST XI
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1850
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: For two prompts (here and here).
Building up to the end! Likely only 1-2 more parts after this one. :)
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

Summary: Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise. Fluffy de-aged fic.

“Bye Maggie!”

Jim grasps at a vine as it ruffles his hair, and jumps up to blow kisses at the leaves fluttering above his head. “See you soon!”

“Bye Maggie,” Spock whispers as he stands by Jim's side. He smiles as Maggie's leaves smooth over his hair and tickle his ears, before he reluctantly follows McCoy out the doors of the botany lab.

Jim follows slowly behind, waving and grinning as the leaves wave back at him.

“Bones, do you like Maggie?” Jim asks once he's in the corridor jumping along behind the doctor.

“Never given it much thought, kid. But I suppose she's an interesting plant.”

“She is quite fascinating,” Spock comments quietly.

“Yeah! She's fascinatin'!” Jim says excitedly as he hops into the lift. “I'm gonna come visit her everyday. Mister Sulu said it was okay.”

McCoy laughs. “That so?”

“Yeah! Spock's gonna come too, right Spock?”

“Indeed. I would enjoy visiting Maggie on a daily basis.”

“Yeah yeah yeah!” Jim squeals as they ride the lift back up to McCoy's quarters.

“Looks like that nap did wonders for your energy level, kid.”

Jim grins. “I don't like naps, but that one was fun.”

“Did you like the view?”

“Yeah! The stars were fascinatin' and Spock and I decided we're gonna join Starfleet when we grow up!”

“When you grow up, huh?”

“I reminded him that we are already adults,” Spock interjects as they step off the lift and head down the corridor. “However, we theorized that we could already be members of Starfleet.”

There's a curious glint in McCoy's eye as he looks between the two boys. “How do you figure that?”

“We arrived in the transporter room of a Federation vessel. You are the chief medical officer of this ship, and you seem to be quiet familiar with Jim and myself. It seems quite likely that as adults we are already members of Starfleet.”

“Pretty damn observant for a five year old,” McCoy laughs.

“So are me and Spock officers when we're grown-ups?”

“Well,” McCoy begins carefully. “Yeah, yes, you boys are Starfleet officers. Grown-up Jim and Spock, I mean.”

Jim spins around in a circle, grinning at Spock as they head through the doors of Bones' quarters. “You were right!” he whispers.


“I don't wanna play chess.”

Despite Jim's protests, McCoy continues setting up the pieces on the board. “Hey now, you were happy a few minutes ago.”

“I'm still happy, but I don't wanna play chess.”

Jim stands stubbornly next to the table while Spock takes a seat on one side of the chess board.

“Come on, kid.”


“Look, Spock obviously wants to play.”

Jim looks reluctantly at Spock. “Do you really wanna play?”


“But I don't like chess. I always win, and it's not interesting.”

“I believe we would be relatively equal opponents.”

Jim shrugs. “If you really wanna play I'll play.”

“I believe I would enjoy it, regardless of the winner.”

Spock catches the doctor smiling to himself as Jim climbs into the seat across from Spock. “That's a boy, good sportsmanship. Both of you.”


Spock wins one out of three games, and Jim giggles with delight when Spock puts him in checkmate.

McCoy looks up from his PADD when Jim and Spock climb off their chairs. “Did you have more fun than you expected?”

“Way more fun! Spock can beat me at chess!”

“Never thought I'd see you happy to lose, kid.”

“We should always play chess together,” Jim exclaims as he grasps Spock's hand. “Bones, do me and Spock play chess together when we're grown-ups?”

McCoy appears reluctant to respond, and Spock notes a look of relief in the doctor's eyes when their conversation is interrupted by a buzz at the door.

“That's probably Pavel, wanting to take you boys for dinner.”

He presses a button and the door slides open.


“Hi Christopher, I'm Bleero.”

“Make it scarier!”


“Yeah, scary monster voices!”

“Hullo Christopher,” McCoy grunts at the boys as they pull their blanket up to their chins. “I'm Bleeeero.”


“Arrgh,” McCoy growls. “Come aboard our horrible smelly ship for negotiations.”

“No way!” Jim squeals. “We're gonna shoot you Bleero!”

“Nope, no shootin', kid. Here's your first lesson in Starfleet rules and regs. Shooting is an absolute last resort.”

Jim frowns. “So what do you do?”

“We attempt to negotiate and end conflicts peacefully.”

“Bleero! We're gonna negotriate so you better be nice!”

McCoy smiles. “That's right.”

“So what then!? The captain and his crew negotriates with Bleero and what then?”

“So Bleero says, 'grrr I'm angry and I don't want to negotiate.' And he takes the captain, Captain Trike, and makes him a prisoner on his ship.”

Spock can't deny a feeling of excitement as he listens to the story and watches Jim shout at McCoy. “Leave the captain alone Bleero!” Jim points directly at McCoy's face. “Or we're gonna take your ship away!”

“Raahhh!” McCoy growls, playfully grabbing Jim's hand. “I'm awful and I smell bad and I don't want to be nice today.”

Spock speaks up finally, his voice barely audible from under the blanket. “How does the captain manage to escape Bleero's imprisonment?”

“The acting captain and his crew work together and come up with a plan to save him. And when it's all over Bleero says 'Arrr I don't want your help!' and he disappears in a black hole.”

Spock and Jim's eyes grow wide.

“A black hole?” Spock says quietly.

“What happens to Bleero in the black hole?” Jim nearly shouts.

“Well now, I'm not entirely sure. But he would've been better off accepting assistant from the captain and his crew. The end.”

Jim grins at McCoy. “That was a good story.”

The doctor grins back as he ruffles Jim's hair. “Thanks kid.”

McCoy glances at Spock and hesitates for a split second before reaching to ruffle his hair as well. It reminds Spock of his mother's goodnight rituals, and he leans into the touch.

“Night boys.”

“Goodnight Doctor.”

“Night Bones!”

McCoy is barely at the door when Jim calls his name.

“Hey Bones?”

“Yeah, kid?”

“Are me and Spock best friends when we're grown-ups?”

The gentle smile fades from McCoy's face. Spock watches him carefully as he seems thrown by the question. McCoy's mouth opens and then closes again, and there's a long pause before he finally responds. “Best friends? I don't know, kid. I think you get on well enough.”

“Do we do fun stuff together when we're grown-ups? Like visit Maggie and play chess and eat with Pavel?”

McCoy approaches the bed, hesitating again as if he's choosing his words carefully. “Sure you eat with Pavel, you eat meals with other crew members all the time.”

Jim shuffles impatiently under the blanket. “But what about the other stuff?”

“Jim, grown-ups don't have time to do all that stuff. You and Spock, when you're grown-ups, you're busy with other things.”

“But Spock and me are friends, right?”

“You're-- you're great acquaintances, yeah.”

“What's acquaintest mean?”

“Acquaintances,” Spock whispers to Jim. “It means we are familiar with each other.”

Jim's brows furrow as he looks from Spock to McCoy. “We're not friends?”

McCoy reaches for the blanket and adjusts it, folding the fabric down below the boys' chins, before he turns and heads for the doorway again. “It's late, you boys should get some sleep. Busy day tomorrow.”


The doctor turns to look at the two small boys. “Yeah?”

“Me and Spock aren't friends?”

McCoy sighs in defeat. “You're not best friends, no.”

Jim turns his head to face the wall.

“Look kid, the important thing is you're friends now. Right?”

“Yeah,” Jim mumbles.

“Right, Spock?”


“Good. Now you boys get some sleep.”

Jim says nothing as McCoy turns out the light. Spock shifts in the darkness, and waits for his eyes to adjust to the dim light emitted by the ophthalmoscope, while Jim lies silently beside him. In his head, Spock counts out the one hundred and thirty seven point six seconds that pass before he musters up the courage to speak.

“It does not matter,” he says quietly, turning to glance at the back of Jim's head. The blond hair sticks up in all directions and Spock can't help but smile when a sad little voice replies, “what don't matter?”

“Whether or not we are friends as adults.”

There's a small sniffle as Spock continues. “Because we are friends right now.”

Jim says nothing, so Spock wills himself to continue speaking. “Jim, please do not be sad.”

“I'm not cryin', cryin' is for babies.”

“I did not imply that you were crying.”

“Oh.” Jim shuffles beneath the sheets, wiping his eyes as he turns to face Spock. The blond head thumps down on the pillow and Jim lets out a frustrated sigh.

“You are still my best friend,” Spock says quietly, as he reaches for Jim's hand. The small fingers clasp tightly around his own, and Jim brings his other hand up so Spock's hand is captured in two of Jim's.

“You won't forget when we grow up again?”

“I see no reason why I would forget.”

“Everybody forgets me.”

“I will not forget.”


Spock reaches up with his free hand to make an X over his heart, imitating McCoy's action from the day before. “Promise.”


Spock opens his eyes and furrows his brow at the dark figure standing beside the bed. “What is happening?”

“Boys,” the doctor's whispers echo through the room. “Sorry to wake you, but Mister Scott has found a solution to the transporter malfunction. You boys need to get up.”

Spock attempts to move, but realizes his hand is still clasped tightly in both of Jim's. The small boy breathes softly next to him, his sleep undisturbed.

“Jim,” Spock whispers, grasping Jim's shoulder with his free hand and shaking him gently. “Jim, wake up.”

Jim opens his eyes and squints at Spock. “What's wrong?”

“Nothing, however we must wake up now.”

“It's too early,” Jim mutters as he closes his eyes again. “I'm too sleepy.”

“Jim, please listen to me. We have to go.”

The blue eyes open and lock on Spock. “Where we goin'?”

“We are going on the transporter.”

A look of fear travels over Jim's face as his fingers tighten around Spock's.


Tags: author: lallyloo, de-aged, kirk/spock, rating: pg
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