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Fic: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 5/8

Title: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 5/8
Series: ST XI
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2175
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: For two prompts (here and here).
Sorry for the long delay between parts. I've been busy and I just moved, so this fell by the wayside a bit. The end is in sight, and the next part shouldn't have as long of a wait!
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

Summary: Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise. Fluffy de-aged fic.

“Do we really gotta take a nap after lunch? I'm too old for a nap.”

McCoy sets two trays down in front of Jim and Spock. “Well, kid, let this be a lesson. If you hadn't spent half the night in a cupboard playing with my medical supplies, you wouldn't have to take a nap today.”

Jim sighs in defeat as he takes a bite of his chicken sandwich. “How come we're not eating with Pavel?”

“You boys don't want to eat with me?” McCoy asks, feigning insult.

“We are more than content to eat our meals with you,” Spock replies quickly. “I believe Jim was simply asking out of curiosity.”

McCoy smiles at him. “It's alright, Spock. I was kidding. Chekov is about to go on duty, so you're dining with me. I just hope I can be half as entertaining.”

“Your presence is acceptable.”

McCoy nearly chokes on a mouthful of soup. “I'll take that as a compliment,” he sputters.

Spock worries for a brief moment that he's insulted the doctor, but his thoughts are interrupted by Jim who had been busying himself ripping the crusts off his sandwich. Jim leans towards Spock and whispers, “Spock, you wanna go see Maggie again?”

Spock nods as he whispers back, “that would be enjoyable.”

Jim turns to McCoy, “can we go see Maggie again?”

“I'll have to talk to Mister Sulu, but I'm sure we can arrange it.”

Jim holds his sandwich to his mouth with both hands as he takes another bite. As he's chewing he flashes a smile at Spock.


As the boys follow McCoy down a long corridor to a set of doors, Jim stares at his reflection in the floor. He jumps a few times, as if trying to stomp on the boy in the reflection, but only receives a mirrored stomp in reply.

“The floors are shiny,” he say as he jumps again.

When they reach the end of the corridor McCoy presses a button and the doors whoosh open to reveal an elevator.

“Where we goin'?,” Jim asks, as he jumps with both feet into the lift.

“We're heading to the bridge.”

“What's the bridge?”

“You'll see.”

McCoy stands in the middle of the lift as they ride, with Spock standing quietly at one side. Jim stands at the doctor's other side, McCoy's hand clasped gently on his shoulder to keep him away from the panel of buttons. Jim's gaze moves quickly from the various colored buttons to the information panel outlining their location as they travel upwards. He leans over to glance around McCoy, his eyes catching Spock's.

“We're goin' up!”

Spock nods. “Indeed.”

Jim whispers to him, “hey Spock, do you know what the bridge is?”

“I believe it is the command center for the ship. Where the Captain sits.”

Jim's eyes grow wide. “We're gonna meet the Captain?!”

McCoy chuckles softly above them as the lift comes to a smooth stop and the doors slide open to reveal a brightly lit room. Both boys' eyes grow wide as they take in their surroundings and McCoy gives them both a soft push out the door. “Boys, welcome to the bridge of the Enterprise.”

All eyes turn to the two small boys stepping off the lift. There is a moment of stunned silence and then various whispers and giggles. Spock remains close at McCoy's side, while Jim seems torn between his urge to explore and a sudden sense of shyness. As his hand moves up to clasp the hem of McCoy's shirt, the doctor places his own hand reassuringly on Jim's head.

“It's alright. Look, Sulu's here, and Chekov.”

Jim and Spock glance around to see Sulu grinning at them, and just past him they spot Chekov waving. Without thinking, Spock raises his hand to wave back at Chekov. There's laughter to his left.

“He's waving, that's adorable,” someone says, and Jim's head whips around and then up to look at McCoy.

“Why're they laughin' at Spock?”

“Well now, they're not.” McCoy casts a glare at the laughing crew members. “Not really. They're just surprised, is all. Not used to seeing kids on the ship.”

He nudges the two boys a little further onto the bridge as Sulu rises and motions for them to approach. Jim finally breaks free of his shyness and sprints towards Sulu while Spock walks quickly behind.

“Hey Mister Sulu!”

Sulu kneels down so he's at their level, “hey Jim! Hey Spock! Have you guys been staying out of trouble?”

Spock says nothing while Jim breathlessly explains the cupboard adventure from the night before. “We got into Bones's stuff last night, but he wasn't mad. We played mummies and ninjas and we explored in the dark while Bones was sleepin'. We had a flashlight thing--”

“An ophthalmoscope,” Spock says quietly.

“Yeah, a ofalmoscope, so we could see in the dark.”

Sulu listens quietly, grinning and nodding as he glances between Jim and Spock. “Sounds like you've been busy!”

“Yeah, we've been doin' lots of stuff. Mister Sulu, can we visit Maggie today?”

“Of course! Any time you want. She'll be happy to see you two.”

Jim grins and finally allows himself a proper glance around the bridge. “Where's the Captain? Are we gonna meet him?”

Sulu looks cautiously at McCoy before responding. “The Captain is on an away mission right now, so I'm taking care of his ship while he's gone.”

“You get to run the ship?”

“Sort of, yeah. Me and Mister Scott, we're keeping things running while the Captain and his First Officer are away.”

Sulu reaches over to pat the seat of the chair he'd been sitting in earlier. “This is actually the Captain's chair. Do you guys want to sit in it?”

“Yeah!” Jim pauses for a moment, “are we allowed to?”

Sulu laughs. “Of course. I think the Captain would be happy to have 5-year old Jim Kirk sit in his chair.”

Jim grins happily as he climbs up onto the seat. He gets himself situated, with his feet dangling over the edge, and then looks down to where Spock is standing.

“There's lotsa room, Spock.” Jim pats the empty space beside him, “you wanna sit here too?”

Spock nods, eying the space next to Jim. He climbs up carefully, fitting himself perfectly between Jim and the arm of the chair. They look at each other for a moment, and Jim smiles brightly at him before turning to examine the details on the chair.

“Can we push these buttons?”

“No, sorry guys,” Sulu says. “But how about this, when I push this button here,” Sulu points to a button next to Spock's arm, “you can say hello to the crew on board. Sound good?”



“It has to be quick. Just say hello and tell them who you are.”

The boys nod as they stare at Sulu's finger poised over the button. Jim's mouth is already open, ready to speak, but he waits his turn when Sulu pushes the button and points to Spock first.

“Greetings crew of the Enterprise.” Spock can hear his own voice echoing through the ship. “This is Spock.”

He pauses then and turns to Jim who is grinning madly and kicking his legs as he waits for Sulu's signal to speak.

“Hello Enterprise!” He shouts when he gets the signal. “This is Jimmy.”

Sulu releases the button. “Great job. Sounded just like future Starfleet officers to me.”

Jim grows quiet suddenly. Spock watches as Jim fixes his gaze on the buttons beside him until he finally speaks. “I sounded like a Starfleet officer,” Jim says so quietly only Spock is able to hear him. “Like my dad.”

Spock hesitates for a moment before quickly touching Jim's hand. “Yes, like your father,” he whispers. Jim breaks from his daze and smiles, squeezing Spock's hand tight in his own.

“You two had enough of that chair yet?” The boys turn to see McCoy approaching. “It's about time for that nap.”

Jim frowns, and Spock can't deny the urge to frown as well. “We don't wanna nap,” Jim protests. “We're sittin' in the Captain's chair.”

“There'll be plenty of time for that later,” McCoy says with a laugh. “Trust me, you boys will like this.”

He waits patiently as the boys climb down from the chair, and then motions for them to follow him across the room. Both boys stare in awe as McCoy leads them to a large viewscreen and points to the floor where two small pillows and a few blankets are spread out. “This is where you're gonna rest. Not such a bad place for a nap, if I do say so myself.”

Jim and Spock step towards the viewscreen, and Jim presses his hands against it as he stares out at the stars.

“Space!” he says with amazement.

Spock nods silently, pressing his forehead against the view screen in an attempt to gain as much of a view as possible.

Jim turns away for a brief moment to glance at the doctor. “We get to sleep in front of this window??”

“Yeah, kid. Would you like that?”

Jim sighs happily as he turns his gaze back to the view outside. “Yeah!”

McCoy allows them to stare for a few minutes before encouraging them to lie down on their makeshift beds. “A quick nap on the bridge, boys, and then we'll find something fun for you to do.”

“We have to visit Maggie,” Jim says quietly.

“You're right.” McCoy tosses a blanket over them both. “Well, we'll take you to the botany lab then. But for now, just lie here and rest.”


“Hey, Spock?”

“Yes, Jim?”

They'd been staring up through the viewscreen for several minutes before Jim finally spoke.

“Do you wanna join Starfleet when you grow up?”

“It would be a fascinating option.”

Jim nods. “You wanna join when we grow up? And then we can explore space and live on a ship?”

Spock turns to look at the small boy for a moment before whispering back, “Jim, I should remind you, according to Doctor McCoy we are already adults.”

Jim lets out a disappointed sigh, “oh yeah.”

Spock is unsure how to reassure Jim, so he simply counts out the full minute of silence before Jim speaks again.

“I wonder if we're Starfleet officers.”

Spock considers this for a moment before responding, “I suspect we are members of Starfleet, as we appeared in the transport room of a Federation vessel.”

Jim turns to Spock with a look of amazement, “I forgot about that! You think we're officers when we're grown ups?”

“It seems quiet possible, yes.”

Jim turns his gaze back to the viewscreen. “I hope we travel together when we're big. We could have adventures and visit Maggie and sleep here all the time.”

Spock smiles to himself. “I would enjoy that.”

They focus their gaze on the stars, and Spock allows himself to imagine future space adventures. He sees distant planets, and interesting looking aliens, and the doctor's kind face, and Jim in a pirate costume jumping under Maggie's fluttering leaves.

Spock can feel himself drifting into sleep as Jim speaks again.

“Hey, Spock?”


“You're my best friend.”

Spock opens his eyes and allows himself to smile at Jim before he turns his gaze back to the viewscreen. “I am honored, Jim. You are also my best friend.”

Jim grins and the blanket rustles as he kicks his feet happily.

Spock watches the stars for a moment before making a confession, “I have never had a best friend before.”

Jim looks at him in surprise. “I can't remember having one either, but I'm sure I must've had lots.”

Spock simply nods.

“But you're the best one,” Jim reassures him. “I wonder if we're best friends when we're grown-ups.”

“I see no reason why we would not be.”

“I'm gonna ask Bones later,” Jim says with a yawn. “He prolly knows.”

Jim's yawns continue as they stare up at the viewscreen. Spock can feel himself drifting into sleep, and he reaches over to take Jim's hand.

“I'm not afraid,” Jim says. “It's not dark here.”

Spock pulls his hand away in embarrassment.

“I didn't mean--” Jim says apologetically.

He reaches for Spock's small hand again.

“Let's not go to sleep,” he says with another yawn. “Let's just pretend we're sleepin' so we can watch the stars.”

Spock nods as his eyes begin to close.


Part VI
Tags: author: lallyloo, de-aged, kirk/spock, rating: pg
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