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Fic: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 4/8

Title: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 4/8
Series: ST XI
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2600
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: For two prompts (here and here).
I don't know much about sonics, so just play along. And would/could Bones carry two five year olds? I don't know..
Part I | Part II | Part III

Summary: Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise. Fluffy de-aged fic.

Spock blinks awake 4.25 hours later. He shifts his gaze in the darkness and glances towards the open doorway. The attached room is now dark as well, and Spock is able to hear the doctor's shallow breathing as he sleeps.

Spock blinks again as he notices a soft glow in the corner of the room. He stares at it for a moment before determining that the doctor rigged up an ophthalmoscope as a makeshift night-light. Jim shifts beside him, and breaths out a small huff of breath against Spock's face. He turns and watches the small figure sleeping beside him, before determining Jim is sleeping soundly enough for him to leave the bed without much disturbance.

He slips out from under the blankets, and slides down the side of the bed. His feet hit the floor with a soft thud.

The ophthalmoscope emits enough light to highlight a path from the bed to the doorway, and Spock tiptoes quietly across the floor.

As he reaches the door he hears a sudden shift on the bed, and a sharp intake of breath.

"Spock?" Jim's small voice is hoarse from sleep, but there's an underlying tone of panic.

"Jim," Spock whispers. "I am here, in the doorway."

In the dim light Spock can see the outline of Jim's wild hair move as he glances in the direction of the door.

"Where you going?"

"I need to use the facilities. I believed you to be sleeping soundly, and I would only have been absent for a moment."

Jim is already sitting up and sliding off the bed before Spock finishes his reply. His bare feet hit the floor, and he pads across the room. "Can I come too?"

Without giving it much thought, Spock reaches out to take Jim's hand. "Of course."

As he clasps his hand in Spock's, Jim notices the ophthalmoscope on the floor. "We gotta take that!" Jim lets go of Spock's hand long enough to grab the light and heads back to the doorway, holding the ophthalmoscope in front of him to light their way.

They walk side-by-side as they enter the living area of the doctor's quarters. Jim lifts his arm to shine the light in the direction of a couch and a large sleeping figure there. "Bones," Jim says, wandering over to the doctor and shining the light on the open-mouthed sleeping face. McCoy doesn't notice the light and continues snoring deeply.

"He's sleepin'." Jim sounds surprised, as if he wasn't expecting the doctor to remain with them through the night.

"Indeed," Spock whispers, reaching over to tilt the light away from McCoy's closed eyes. "We are in his quarters, and he is acting as our guardian, it is logical he would be sleeping here."

"Yeah," Jim says simply before turning away from the couch and seeking out the door to the bathroom.

They wander inside and Spock instructs the computer to set lights at 50%. Jim goes first, and Spock faces the door in order to give his friend a sense of privacy.

"Done," Jim says, and Spock turns around to see Jim wiping his hands on his pant legs.

"Do you wish to wash your hands?"

"I guess," Jim says as he stands on his tiptoes and shoves his hands below the sonic tap.

While Spock takes his turn, Jim opens the doors below the sink. "Woah, look at all this stuff!" He exclaims as he climbs into the cupboard.

Spock finishes up and holds his hand under the sonics as a few quiet bangs and booms emanate from the cupboard. Finally he cranes his head to look inside. Jim has somehow situated himself at the very back and is surrounded by opened boxes and spools of unwound medical tape.

"Look," he says excitedly, glancing up at Spock with a smile. Jim wraps a piece of white medical tape over his forehead, and across his nose, leaving only his eyes exposed. "We can be ninjas!"

Spock's eyes grow wide as he surveys the destruction. "Perhaps we should put everything back where you found it."

"We will," Jim says, motioning for Spock to join him in the cupboard. "We just gotta play with it first."

Spock pulls out a few boxes and sets them on the floor, making room for himself, before reluctantly climbing in next to Jim. He says nothing as Jim reaches out to wrap medical tape around his head, and even gives in to his own curiosity by opening a box of gauze.

"We could mimic the ancient art of wrapping corpses," he says as Jim looks at him with mild confusion.

Spock points to the gauze. "We could be mummies."

"Yeah! Good idea, Spock!"

Spock smiles shyly to himself as Jim beams at him.

They're nearly finished wrapping each other's arms when the bathroom door slides open, and they're too distracted to hear McCoy approach.

"I thought I heard noise in here."

Both boys freeze at the sound of the doctor's voice. Jim's eyes grow wide, and Spock spins quickly as he pulls the medical tape from his head and finds himself face-to-face with McCoy.

The doctor looks at their wrapped arms, and the medical tape still wound around Jim's head. Spock is panicked as he prepares himself for disciplinary action, and is is unable to hide his surprise when McCoy lets out a hearty laugh. Spock turns to look at Jim, and can tell by the look on Jim's face that he is not alone in his sense of surprise.

"We're not in trouble?" Jim asks cautiously.

"No," McCoy says with a smile. "You're not in trouble. But what're you boys doing in here? It's almost four a.m."

"We are being mummies," Spock replies, holding out his arms. He points to Jim's head, "and ninjas."

“Were you having fun?” McCoy asks Spock directly, and Spock pauses for a moment to consider.


“Good,” McCoy chuckles as he motions for the boys to exit the cupboard. “Now come on, back to bed.”

He helps them unwrap their arms, and Jim's face, before shuffling them back to their room.

"I forgot the light thing!" Jim whispers to Spock, just as McCoy turns the lights off. "It's in the cupboard!"

Spock reaches out to take Jim's hand again. "It is only a few more hours until morning. We will be safe until then."

Jim links his fingers in Spock's. "Okay."

Spock lies quietly while Jim shifts around on the bed.

"You asleep, Spock?"

"Negative," Spock replies. "Vulcans need less sleep than humans. I am already sufficiently rested."

"You're not goin' back to sleep?"

"It is quite likely I will not." Spock feels Jim tense again. "However, I guarantee I will stay here while you rest."


Spock grips Jim's hand tighter. "Promise."

Spock can sense him relaxing as Jim lets out a yawn. "Are you gonna pretend you're a guard or somethin'?"

"I could, if it would make you feel safe."

"Yeah. You can be the guard of the room. Only you and me are allowed in here." Jim yawns again. "And Bones if he wants."

"Affirmative, sir," Spock says.

Jim giggles. "Night, Spock."

"Goodnight, Jim."

"See you when I wake up."


After spending breakfast in the mess hall with Chekov –replicated scrambled eggs for Jim, and replicated oatmeal and fruit for Spock– the boys are taken to engineering.

Spock immediately recognizes the man standing at a control panel as the same one from the transporter room the previous day.

“Jim, Spock,” Chekov says, gesturing to the man. “This is Mister Scott.”

“Glad to see you boys,” the man says as he reaches out to shake their hands. “Call me Scotty.”

“Scotty!” Jim says excitedly. “I know you! I seen you before!”

“Ay, lad. I saw you yesterday.”

“Yeah!” Jim wanders over to the control panels, with Spock following close behind, and stands on his tiptoes in an attempt to see beyond the steel facade. “What're you doin'?”

“I'm doing my morning check of the ship.” Scotty slaps his hand on the side of the control panel. “She's workin' just fine. No surprises here!”

Jim nods and stares at the buttons and lights as if he understands each one. “Looks good to me!”

Scotty laughs. “Glad to hear it, lad.”

As Spock and Jim wander across the room, Spock can hear Chekov questioning Scotty about the repairs to the transporter pad.

“We've made some progress,” Scotty says quietly. “Still need to run tests.”

“You will run these test today?”

“Ay. Lots of 'em. Don't want to risk anything, if you know what I mean.”

As Spock watches Chekov nod, he loses sight of Jim.

“Ay!” Spock jumps as Scotty shouts in his direction. “No climbin' lad. You'll hurt yourself.”

Spock turns to see a guilty looking Jim standing on the third rung of a ladder.

"Down you get," Scotty calls as he walks quickly across the room, Chekov close on his tail. "If you want to play there's plenty of interesting things down here. But no climbing without a grown-up nearby."

Jim carefully climbs down the ladder and hops off the last rung. "I wanted to play pirates," he says shyly as Scotty kneels in front of him.

"You needed to climb up there to play pirates?"

"Yeah," Jim says quietly, pointing to the platform at the top of the ladder. "That's the crow's nest. We can look for treasure from up there."

Scotty grins at him. “Sounds like you've got quite the imagination, lad!”

Jim smiles back. “I guess.” He's silent for a moment, before quietly asking, “so can we play?”

“Well, I can't say no to that face,” Scotty says as he slaps a hand on Jim's tiny shoulder. “And you know, I'll bet I've got some costumes around here somewhere. We'll make you two look like real pirates.”

Scotty hops to his feet and gives Chekov a wink as he heads for an attached room, leaving Chekov with the two boys.

“He's got costumes?” Jim says curiously.

“I am not sure.” Chekov replies, staring at the doorway Scotty disappeared through.

“Spock,” Jim says, turning to him. “He said he's got pirate costumes!”

Spock gives a puzzled nod. “He did indeed say that.”

Scotty suddenly reappears with red fabric draped over one arm, and several objects in his hand. He kneels in front of Jim and Spock again, and allows the objects to clatter to the floor. A hollow pipe rolls off in one direction, and Chekov grabs it before it gets too far.

“Old uniform shirts,” Scotty says, holding up the red fabric. “We use these as rags, but I think this is a better idea.”

He grips the fabric and tugs it in opposite directions, ripping it into strips.

“Here, lad,” he says, motioning for Jim to step forward. Scotty spins Jim around and places the fabric over his head, tying it tightly in the back.

He spins Jim back to face him. “There. A pirate bandana.”

Jim looks wide-eyed at Spock. “Do I look like a pirate?”

Spock nods. “Affirmative. You look very pirate-like.”

Scotty motions for Spock to step forward, and he spins Spock away from him too before placing the red fabric over Spock's hair.

“Now, both of you, come here.” Scotty reaches down for something as Spock and Jim stand in front of him. He produces a jar containing a black substance and pops the lid off.

“Grease,” he says as he sticks his finger in the black goop. He pulls it out and smears the grease on Spock's face, circling his eye. “Looks like an eye patch.”

Jim watches excitedly, and beams when Spock turns to look at him. “Spock! You look like a pirate!”

Spock allows a smile to escape as he watches Scotty smear grease on Jim's face. When he's finished, Scotty reaches for the other objects. He hands Spock the hollow pipe, telling him it's a telescope, and hands them both a plastic rod.

“Swords,” he says as he gives them both a stern look. “You can pretend fight, but no hitting. Someone gets hurt and the game is over, alright?”

“Yes!” They reply in unison.

Scotty pushes them towards the ladder. “Up the crow's nest then! You've got treasure to find!”

There are brief tears when Jim slips in his excitement and bangs his chin on a rung, but soon the boys are up the ladder and searching for land and buried treasure.

“Arr me hearties!” Jim shrieks as he raises his sword in the air. “We got treasure to find!”

Spock awkwardly mimics Jim, raising his own sword in the air, and Jim marches around the platform while Spock follows close behind.

“Pirate Spock!” Jim shouts, “do you see some land?”

Spock raises the hollow pipe to his eye. “Affirmative Pirate Jim. I see--” He pauses as he attempts to play along with Jim's imaginary pirate game. “I see.. a vast landscape of trees and sand.”

“Is there treasure there?”

Spock squints as he looks through the pipe. “Yes, there appears to be treasure.”

Jim jumps and pumps his tiny fist in the air.

“Turn the sails! Take us that way!” He shouts as he points in the direction Spock is looking.

As the two boys play, Scotty and Chekov stand below deeply engaged in conversation and theories about the transporter repairs. Scotty pauses long enough to reach up and place a box of nuts and bolts by Jim's feet.

Jim squeals when he notices the box and lifts it to show Spock. “We found the treasure!”

Even Spock can't stop his eyes from lighting up at the appearance of the box, and they sit on the floor to open it together. Nuts and bolts spill out over the concrete and Jim watches quietly as Spock sorts each piece of treasure into specific piles.

When Spock is done sorting, Jim finally speaks, “what's our loot?”

Spock points to each pile of nuts and bolts. “Five gems, four pieces of silver, seven pieces of gold, and twelve dilithium crystals.”

As they're admiring their loot, Chekov's head appears at the top of the ladder. “Doctor McCoy is here. He will take you to lunch.”

Although it means the end of their pirate game, both boys are happy to see McCoy again as he greets them at the bottom of the ladder.

“Goddamn it, Scotty,” he says with a laugh. “Can't leave them with you for a second and you've got them covered in grease.”

“We're pirates!” Jim shouts as he hops off the last rung.

“Come on, we'll get you cleaned up and then it's time for lunch.” McCoy bends down and scoops Jim up in one arm and scoops Spock up in the other.

“You don't have to carry me, I'm not a baby,” Jim says as, despite his protest, he rests his head on McCoy's shoulder and yawns.

“I know you're not a baby, and Spock's not either” McCoy says quietly. “Just thought you might have a better view of things from up here.”

Jim nods against McCoy's neck as he raises a small hand to wave at Scotty and Chekov. They wave back at the boys, and Spock lifts his own hand to wave back rather than give his usual nod.

“What're we doin' after lunch?” Jim asks as his greased eye leaves streaks on McCoy's neck.

“You'll be taking a nap.”

“But I'm not tired,” Jim mumbles through a yawn.

McCoy smiles, but says nothing, as he carries the boys out of engineering.


Part V
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