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Fic: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 2/8

Title: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 2/8
Series: ST XI
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2370
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: For two prompts (here and here).
Part I

Summary: Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise. Fluffy de-aged fic.

After helping them dress in small black pants and t-shirts –similar to the outfit McCoy himself is wearing under his uniform shirt– the doctor takes Jim and Spock to the mess hall. Spock knows it's illogical, but he cannot deny a feeling of nervousness as he watches McCoy's retreating figure exit the mess after leaving them with an ensign.

When Spock turns back around the young man is looking at him expectantly. He is tall and thin, with large bright eyes and the curliest hair Spock has ever seen. Jim is already staring back at the ensign, with an equally expectant expression.

“Keptin, Commander.” The young man says, and Jim gives Spock a confused glance. The two boys look quickly behind them, wondering who the ensign is addressing. There's no one behind them, so both boys turn their attention back to the young man.

“Are you talkin' to us?”

“Of course, Keptin. Doctor McCoy put you in my care for the dinner hour. Are you hungry?”

Jim is still staring wide-eyed at the curly-haired young man. “My name's not Keptin. It's Jimmy.”

The ensign appears confused. “The doctor did not tell you anything about..” He pauses briefly before continuing. “The.. Keptin?”

“Uh-uh.” Jim looks around the room suspiciously, as if he's hoping to catch a glimpse of this 'Keptin' fellow.

Finally the ensign distracts him with a proper introduction. “Never mind, Jimmy, Spock. I am Chekov, Pavel Andreievich. But you may call me simply Pavel.”

“Are you of Russian origin?”

“Ay, Spock! Can you tell this from my accent?”

“Affirmative. Also, the use of 'evich' in your middle name tells me your father was named Andrei.”

“You are a very knowledgeable five year old.”

Spock simply nods.

Jim watches this exchange before speaking again. “Pavel, your hair is really curly.”

Chekov laughs as he looks at Jim. “And your hair is very blond.” He turns back to Spock. “And your hair is very straight. So I think we will all get along well then.”

Jim gives Chekov a look, as if he's trying to decide what to make of the young man. “That doesn't make much sense.”

Chekov grins at him. “I think you are right. But it is funny, yes?”

Finally Jim allows himself to grin back. “Maybe.”


Fifteen minutes later they're sitting at a table in the mess, and their trays are piled high with food. A chicken sandwich and chocolate pudding for Jim, and vegetable rice pilaf and strawberry cake for Spock. And apple juice for both, despite Jim's request for coffee.

Jim is sitting close to Spock on the bench, ripping the crusts off his sandwich. Chekov sits on the opposite side of the table and watches them for a moment before speaking. “So boys, tell me what you have been up to so far today.”

Jim's mouth is full of sandwich, so Spock speaks first. “We were examined and monitored by Doctor McCoy. He performed a series of tests and asked us several questions.”

“And we explored and played spies and hid under a big desk.” Jim adds, as crumbs fly out of his mouth.

“Under a big desk?” Chekov asks with a laugh.

“Yeah, Bones's desk.”

The ensign looks from one boy to the other. “You both did this?”

The two boys nod.



Chekov seems hardly able to suppress his grin. “I am sorry I missed this event.”

“We can play again someday if you wanna play too.”

Chekov just nods with a look of amused bewilderment on his face.

The two small boys continue eating until Jim finally speaks again. “Hey Spock, you wanna play a game after supper?”

Spock turns to look at Jim. “To what sort of game are you referring?”

“I don't know. Somethin' fun.”

“That sounds acceptable. And you appear to have mayonnaise on your shirt.”

Jim looks down at his shirt and then reaches up to smear his hand across the stain. “You know any good games?” He's suddenly forgotten about the mayo, and his attention is on Chekov.

The ensign reaches across with a napkin to try to wipe the food from Jim's shirt. “Chess is a good game. Maybe you will remember it.”

“Chess is boring,” Jim mumbles. “Nobody can ever beat me.”

“It is likely I could beat you,” Spock says quietly between bites.

“Nuh uh. Everyone I play with always loses and I win. I wanna play something fun.”

Spock doesn't reply although he's confident he could beat Jim in a chess match.

“Maybe you would like to see the botany lab?” Chekov asks. “Mister Sulu has many interesting plants.”

“Who's Mister Sulu?” Jim picks up his spoon as he moves on to his pudding.

“He is the pilot. He flies the ship.”

Jim freezes in his seat and the spoon drops to the table with a clatter. “Are we on a ship??”

Chekov grins as he picks up Jim's spoon and hands it back to him. “Yes, of course. We are in space.”

Jim looks at Spock, his eyes wide with surprise. “Spock, did you know that?”

“I suspected when we arrived in the transporter room, but I have only now received confirmation.”

“I never been on a ship before,” Jim says quietly as he looks around the mess hall. “Except when I was a baby. My ma says I was born on a ship.”

Jim shoves a spoonful of pudding into his mouth before continuing.

“My dad was on the ship too and he died but he saved a lotta people.”

Chekov nods slightly, seemingly unsure of how to respond.

Jim pauses then and eats another mouthful of pudding. “So when can we see this botana place?”

Spock watches Jim for a moment, his mouth is coated in chocolate and despite the change in subject Spock can sense sadness in the small boy.

“The botany lab,” Chekov replies. “We will visit after you finish your dinner.”

“I'm gettin' full,” Jim says before turning to Spock and holding out his pudding-covered spoon. “You want some of this?”

Spock shakes his head. “Vulcans do not eat chocolate.”

“Never ever??”

“Affirmative. Never.. ever.”

There's another wide-eyed look from Jim as he seems to attempt to imagine never eating chocolate. “Is your cake good at least?”

Spock nods. “It is an acceptable option.”

Jim considers this and sets down his spoon. “Good.”


As they exit the lift and make their way down the corridor to the botany lab, Spock walks stiffly by Chekov's side as Jim runs to keep up while looking curiously in doorways and down connecting corridors.

He looks over to Spock as they walk and whispers, “I shoulda known this was a ship. There aren't any windows.”

“Indeed,” Spock whispers back.

“We do have windows,” Chekov whispers down at them with a grin. “You have just not seen them yet.”

They finally reach a set of doors and the two boys follow Chekov inside. The room is hot and damp, and the lighting is dim. Various types of flora and fauna cover tables and shelves, with individual lights of differing colors and intensities beaming on them.

Jim immediately runs to the nearest brightly colored flower, but Spock resists the urge to examine the plants as he waits for instruction from Chekov.

“Mister Sulu?”

Chekov's voice echoes through the lab, and another voice responds from behind several shelves. “Pavel? We're back here.”

Chekov motions for the boys to follow him, and they make their way past some large swaying flowers to the back of the lab where a dark-haired man is standing over two seated technicians.

“Sulu, I have brought..” Chekov pauses for a moment as he glances down at the two boys. “Jimmy and Spock here to see you.”

Sulu turns quickly and smiles as he catches sight of Jim and Spock.

“Oh hey, I heard about this,” he says as he kneels, bringing himself down to eye-level. “How are you guys doing?”

Before Spock has a chance to respond Jim speaks, “did you grow all these flowers?”

“Some of them, yeah! But a lot are from different planets I've visited. What do you think of them?”

Jim is peering wide-eyed at a shelf of shimmering purpled-leafed vines. “They're nice!”

“Do you want to stay and check them out?”

“Yeah!” Jim exclaims as he glances over at Spock. “We wanna stay, right Spock?”

“Yes,” Spock nods. “That would be interesting.”

Sulu glances up at Chekov. “You want to leave them here, Pavel?”

“Ay, if it is no trouble. I need to return to the mess to eat.”

Sulu looks back at Jim and Spock. “No trouble at all! I'll give them a tour and it'll be fun, right guys?”

“Yeah!” Jim grins as Spock glances nervously at Chekov. He's interested in learning about plant life in the lab, but he's also hesitant to be passed off to another crew member.

“Will Doctor McCoy have difficulty finding us if we do not stay with you?”

Chekov kneels down beside Sulu in order to speak directly to Spock. “You will be fine with Mister Sulu, and I will comm the doctor and let him know where you are so he can find you when he's finished his work. Does this sound okay?”

“It sounds acceptable,” Spock replies.

“It's alright, Spock!” Jim announces, taking Spock's hand. “I'll be right here if you get worried.”

Spock looks into the boy's bright blue eyes. Jim is smiling at him, and Spock can't deny a feeling of comfort as if somehow things will be alright as long as he and Jim stick together.

Suddenly there's laughter from behind Sulu and Chekov, and Spock shyly pulls his hand out of Jim's grip as he realizes the two lab technicians are giggling.

Sulu furrows his brow as he turns to them. “Kotter, Richards, you're dismissed for the evening.”

One technician responds, as the other muffles her giggles with her hand, “Sorry, sir. Thank you, sir.”

They walk away whispering to each other, and Spock fights to withhold a frown.

“Why were they laughin'?” Jim asks, a mix of hurt and anger on his face.

“They probably just think you're cute,” Sulu explains as he pats Jim on the shoulder.

“I'm not cute!” Jim stomps his foot. “I'm tough.”

“You can be tough and cute,” Sulu says with a smile. “Nothing wrong with that. And don't worry about them anyway, we have plants to see, right?”

“Yeah!” Jim throws his small fist in the air and, just like that, he's happy again.


After saying goodbye to Chekov, Spock and Kirk follow Sulu around the lab as he points out flowers and plants. He briefly explains where he obtained each specimen, and proudly shows off the ones he grew himself.

Spock listens carefully to each explanation, and nods with interest. Jim attempts to listen while also being clearly distracted by the bright colors and the constant movement of some of the plants.

It is during examination of a very rare species of rose that a shriek is heard from another section of the lab, and Spock suddenly realizes Jim is no longer at his side.

“Jim!” Spock gives Sulu a look of panic, and then runs towards the sound of the shriek.

Spock dodges a shelf and there's another shriek just as he rounds a corner and finally sets eyes on Jim.

Two green vines are holding him in place, suspended in the air. Jim is dangling two feet off the ground and leaves muss his hair as he kicks his legs.

And he is laughing.

“Spock!” He exclaims between giggles. “Look what's happening!”

Sulu rounds the corner then and Spock turns to him with a look of worry and confusion.

“Maggie!” Sulu is suddenly laughing too, but his voice is deep and commanding. “Put him down.”

The plant seems to hesitate before it slowly lowers Jim to the floor. The vines around his arms loosen, and the leaves give his blond hair one last ruffle before pulling away completely.

Jim is still laughing as he turns to look at the plant. The vines swirl over his head as if teasing him, and he jumps as he reaches to grab at the leaves.

“Mister Sulu,” Spock says, still slightly worried as he watches the vines swirl around Jim. “What is that?”

“That's Maggie. We rescued her from Trylos VII.” He walks closer to the plant, and reaches out to stroke the leaves. They curl around his hand, and seem to stroke back. “She's sentient.”

He motions for Spock to join him. “It's alright, she's harmless.”

Spock approaches the plant, reaching one arm hesitantly towards it. One long vine reaches back and brushes softly against his hand. As he takes another step forward, a second vine reaches forward and pats him on the head.

He bites down a smile as several leaves press flat against his head and stroke his hair, following the perfectly smooth style of his haircut.

“I think she likes you,” Sulu says as he watches Maggie pet Spock's head.

Spock simply nods. “She is quite interesting.”

They hear the lab doors open then, and a deep voice echoes from the other side of the room – it's McCoy.

“Mister Sulu? Are Jim and Spock with you?”

“We're back here, sir!”

“Yeah, we're back here!” Jim shouts as he continues jumping in the air. “Come see!”

A smile hits the doctor's face as he rounds the corner and catches sight of Jim and Spock.

“Well I'll be damned.”

McCoy watches them for a moment before he claps his hands together and speaks, “well boys, you ready to go?”

Spock obediently steps beside McCoy. “Affirmative.”

“Jimmy, you ready to go?”

Jim stops jumping and turns to look at McCoy. “Where are we going?”

“It's your bedtime.”

“But I'm not tired!”

There's a moment of protest before McCoy and Jim make a deal. The doctor allows two more minutes of playing with Maggie, after which Jim follows Spock and McCoy out the door.

“Night Mister Sulu!” Jim shouts and waves, while Spock gives Sulu a nod.

“Goodnight guys!” Sulu waves back at them as the doors whoosh shut.


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  • Fic: Spock's First Christmas

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