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Fic: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 1/8

Title: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 1/8
Series: ST XI
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2550
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: For two prompts (here and here) @ st_xi_kink_meme.

Summary: Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise. Fluffy de-aged fic.

“Scott to sickbay. Doctor, we need you in the transporter room immediately.”

Spock watches the man on the other side of the plexiglass. His face is washed in blue light as he presses buttons and looks frantically at the controls. His voice has a lilt to it that Spock identifies as being of Earth origins, specifically the Scottish Lowlands. Spock isn't sure where the information comes from, but he is certain it is correct.

A door whooshes open and another man enters. He is taller and of slightly larger build than the man seated at the control panel. He appears concerned, and the look worsens when his eyes fall on Spock standing on the transporter pad.

“What happened?”

“I don't know. They were beaming back, same as always, and they showed up like this.”

“Was there communication before they beamed back?”

“Ay, the Captain called for two to beam up. There was some static, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary and he didn't say anything was wrong.”

At the mention of 'they' Spock realizes he's not alone on the transporter pad. He glances back and discovers a blond boy standing on the target directly behind him. Spock only catches a glimpse before he's distracted by the man kneeling before him, but he recognizes a look of anger and fear on the other boy's face.

“I'm Doctor McCoy. Do you know your name?”


“Do you know where you are?”

“I am unable to identify my location.”

McCoy turns quickly to the blond boy. “What's your name, son?”

“Jimmy Kirk.”

“That's right, Jimmy, and do you know where you are?”

“No.” The boy is looking furiously at McCoy, but Spock is still able to spot an undercurrent of fear in his eyes.

“Do either of you remember where you were before you showed up here?”

Spock responds as Jim shakes his head. “I have no memory of events prior to four point one five minutes ago.”

McCoy nods carefully, glancing back at the man behind the controls.

“Scotty, they look to be about five years old.”

“Ay. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't see it with my own eyes.”

“I'm taking them to sickbay. If you figure out the problem with the transporter, page me there.”

“Ay, Doctor.”

McCoy turns back to them. “Spock, Jimmy, you're going to come with me. That sound okay to you two?”

Jim doesn't respond, so Spock speaks for them both. “Your position as a doctor makes you appear trustworthy. We will accompany you, as staying here would serve no purpose.”

The doctor appears to suppress a laugh as he stands and holds out his hands to Spock and Jim. Spock cautiously takes the offered hand, but Jim refuses.

“I'll go with you but I'm not holding your hand. That's for babies.”

“Fine, but you stay by my side while we're walking. Come on.”

Seemingly happy with the compromise, little Jim Kirk steps off the transporter pad and follows them out the door.


“My name's Jimmy.”

“I am aware.”

They are sitting on adjacent beds in sickbay, having been left alone momentarily. Jim kicks his legs as he glances around the room. He has already managed to crumple the sheets on his bed and his gown is hanging low on one shoulder as if it's too big for his tiny body.

Spock sits calmly on his still perfectly-made bed, watching the other boy slowly destroy his surroundings.

“You're Spock, right?'


“Are you bored too?”

“We are here for a purpose so, no, I am not bored.”

“Well I'm bored. I wanna go play.”

Spock can't think of a response, so he remains quiet. The machines hum and beep as they monitor the vital signs of the two boys. Spock turns his attention to the screens behind them, but finds himself unable to determine if the information is positive or negative.

“I wish that doctor would come back.” Jim's voice, and the sound of rustling, draws Spock's attention and he turns just in time to see Jim sliding off the end of his bed.

“His name is Doctor McCoy.” Spock says quietly, watching as Jim begins to explore the room.

“Yeah, McCoyyy.” Jim drags out the end of McCoy's name as he says it. He walks slowly around the examination room, not quiet tall enough to see anything of interest but pretending to be intrigued all the same.

“Lotsa fun stuff in here.”

“It is quite fascinating.”

“We should go explorin'.”

“That would be unwise. Doctor McCoy is likely to return soon and he will require us to be present.”

“We can go and come back after.”

“I am not sure--”

Jim is yanking his hand then, encouraging him to jump off the bed. Spock puts up a fleeting show of resistance before reluctantly sliding to the floor beside Jim. At that angle Spock can tell that the other boy is slightly shorter than him. He is a skinny, scrappy little thing with bony knees and a mess of blond hair. Being so close, Spock also notices the boy's brilliant blue eyes.

Somewhere in his memory Spock knows he's been in contact with human children before, but always dark-eyed and dark-haired like himself. Jim's appearance is something new entirely.

“I find you to be an intriguing human, at least so far as in appearance.”

“What's that mean? You're human aren't ya?”

“Negative,” Spock says, shaking his head. He points to his ears. “I am Vulcan.”

Jim falls silent as he stares open-mouthed at Spock's ears, which he had apparently failed to notice until that very moment. “I never met a Vulcan before.”

Without asking permission, Jim reaches forward to touch the tips of Spock's ears and Spock ducks to move away.

“You got pointy ears, but you look like a human.”

“Vulcan and humans do bear a resemblance, and I should specify that my mother is human. So, therefore, I am half-Vulcan and half-human.”

“Do all Vulcans talk weird like you?”

Spock nearly frowns. “There is nothing strange about my speech patterns.”

“I didn't mean it in a bad way. You just use big words.” Jim appears nervous for a second, fearing he's hurt his new friend. “Come on, let's go see what's outside.”


“That door. There's gotta be fun stuff out there.”

Spock glances at the door which Doctor McCoy had exited from ten point two minutes earlier. He knows the doctor expected them to stay in the examination room, but he also feels an overwhelming desire to join Jim in his exploration.

“Perhaps a minute or two, and then we should return.”

“Yeah let's go!”

Jim is at the door before Spock has time to change his mind. He catches up quickly and waits while Jim stands on his toes to press the button for the door. As it whooshes open they are faced with a narrow corridor. It curves, so where it leads is a mystery, but there were several other doorways along the route.

“Which way you wanna go?” Jim asks, glancing in both directions.

“As we are exploring, I believe either option would be acceptable.”

Jim nods as he steps cautiously out into the corridor. His small bare feet are silent as he pads across the floor. Then he moves suddenly so his back is against the wall and proceeds to slide to the right.

“We're spies. Slide like this.”

Spock, also bare foot, steps in next to Jim and presses his back against the wall. They slide quietly down the corridor, passing one closed door and slowly approaching another.

As they reach the second door a voice echoes down the corridor – a man's voice and it is getting closer. Within seconds Spock identifies it as the voice of Doctor McCoy.

“It's the bad guys!” Jim whispers excitedly. “We gotta hide!”

“But Jim, it is the doc--”

“No, Spock, hurry!” Jim grabs hold of Spock's sickbay gown and pulls him over to the second closed door. To Spock's surprise, Jim presses a few buttons and the door slides open.

The room is bright but unoccupied. A large desk sits at the far end, covered in various instruments, and the wall behind the desk holds two long shelves which house a collection of bones and skulls.

“We gotta hide somewhere! We can look at the treasures later,” Jim says quickly as he pulls Spock to the desk and proceeds to crawl under it. “Come on, down here!”

Spock stares wide-eyed at Jim. “I do not think--”

“Hurry!” Spock jumps at the command, as if suddenly they really are in some sort of danger, and quickly crawls under behind Jim.

It is dark under the desk, and they are sitting side by side. Jim looks at him and raises his eyebrows as he whispers, “listen for the bad guys!”

They both listen quietly, hearing nothing at first except Jim's rushed breathing. Suddenly there is a shout from the hallway – the doctor's voice.

“Goddamn it. They're gone!”

Then there is a slam followed by a few more raised voices.

“Call the bridge, tell them to check the security visuals.”

Jim is kicking his legs frantically, covering his mouth in excitement.

More raised voices and rapid footsteps pass the door.

“Avoid red alert for now. We don't want to scare them.”

From beneath the desk they hear the door slide open and Jim is staring at Spock with a look of silent terror and amusement. Spock suddenly realizes they should have never left the examination room, as doing so has clearly caused concern and chaos. Before Jim has a chance to react, Spock is out from under the desk and standing, suddenly looking up at the face of a very surprised McCoy.

“Damn it, Spock. There you are. Is Jim with you?”

Spock doesn't respond, doesn't want to risk upsetting his new friend by giving away his location. So he simply flits his eyes in the direction of the floor hoping to signal to the doctor that Jim is indeed with him and hiding under the desk.

“I see.” McCoy says. “Not telling, hmm?”

As the doctor slowly makes his way around the desk, Spock realizes he's picked up on the signal and is playing along.

“I'll just have to find him myself then.”

McCoy reaches the edge of the desk and pretends to be distracted by the shelves. “Well, he's not up here..”

He examines the shelves for a moment before casually turning to face the underside of the desk. He leans forward slowly, his face suddenly on level with Jim's under the table.

“Found you, kid!”

Jim lets out a squeal of laughter and kicks his legs. McCoy doesn't reach out a hand to help Jim up, but simply waits for him to crawl out from under the desk.

“We were spies,” Jim explains when he's finally standing properly. He watches as McCoy takes a seat in his desk chair. “You were the bad guy.”

The doctor grunts and seems to suppress a smile. “Spies huh? How'd you get in here?”

Jim points at the door. “I pushed the buttons.”

“The security code buttons?” McCoy is looking at him curiously.

“The door buttons, it wasn't hard.”

“Well wonders never cease, kid.”

Jim smiles up at the doctor before turning to wander around the room. Spock sticks close to McCoy as Jim explores. He peers over the desk, standing on his toes and attempting to touch various instruments which the doctor silently pulls out of his reach. Giving up, Jim moves back to the shelves behind the desk.

“What's all the skulls for?”

“I collect them. And sometimes people give them to me.”

“Did you kill them?”

A hearty laugh bursts from McCoy's mouth. “No, Jim, no. Some were purchases, some were gifts, and some were found on various planets.”

Spock tenses for a moment when the doctor points at him. “You gave me one of those, do you remember which one?”

He looks up at the shelves, running his eyes over each skull. “None appear familiar.”

“I figured as much,” McCoy replies. “Just trying to jog your memories.”

“Why?” Jim asks. He's standing close to McCoy now, his hands on the doctor's knee.

“Do you know how old you are?” McCoy asks.

Jim holds up his outstretched palm. “Five.” He points at each finger as he counts aloud, “one two three four five.”

McCoy takes a deep breath for a moment, and Spock can tell he's choosing his words carefully.

“That's right. You're five. But before today, you were older than five. Do you remember that?”

Jim furrows his brow. “No. How old was I before?”

“Before today, you were twenty-six.”

Jim's eyes grow wide. “Twenty-six? That's old.”

“Hey, watch it, kid.” Spock can tell the doctor is taking mock offense as he is clearly older than twenty-six. McCoy smiles as he pats Jim's blond head. “Twenty six isn't old, but it's a lot older than five.”

His gaze turns to Spock then. “Do you know how old you are?”

Spock nods, “I heard you confirm to the man in the transporter room that I am the same age as Jim, which would indicate that I am also five years old.”

McCoy laughs again. “You sure as hell don't sound five but, yeah Spock, you're five too.”

“In reality, am I also twenty-six years of age?”

“No, that's where this whole business gets even more goddamn confusing. You're actually three years older than Jim. But today you're both five.”

“You cuss a lot,” Jim pipes up.

“Sorry, kid. I've gotta watch my mouth for awhile, I suppose.”

“You call me 'kid' a lot too.” Jim looks at the floor and shifts his foot against the toe of McCoy's boot.

“Sorry, Jim. You're a kid, is all. And I call twenty-six year old Jim a kid sometimes too.”

Jim looks up at him with a frown. “You do?”

“Yeah. But he doesn't mind. Guess it's different being called a kid when you're actually a kid, huh?”

Jim nods. “Well if you get to call me kid then what do I get to call you?”

“You can call me whatever you want. Usually you call me Bones.”

A smile washes over Jim's face. “I call you Bones?? That's a good spy name! Or a pirate name!”

McCoy laughs again. “Yeah, I suppose it is. If you like it, you can call me Bones.” He turns back to Spock. “You can too if you want, Spock.”

Spock ponders the name for a minute. “As it is not your proper name, I would rather call you Doctor McCoy.”

“Fine with me.”

“Well I'm gonna call you Bones,” Jim pipes up again. “And you can call me Jimmy. Or Jim. Or kid..” His voice trails off at the last word, but Spock senses Jim no longer minds the 'kid' moniker.

“You got a deal, both of you.” McCoy pats them both on the head, and Spock resists the urge to pull away. Already he feels a sense of trust in the doctor.

“For now, I've got more tests to run and you two need to eat.” McCoy presses a button on his desk, and speaks into the air. “Sickbay to bridge.”


Tags: author: lallyloo, de-aged, kirk/spock, rating: pg
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