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Fic: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 1/8
ST - bb!spock two worlds
lallyloo wrote in simple_feeling
Title: Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories 1/8
Series: ST XI
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2550
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: For two prompts (here and here) @ st_xi_kink_meme.

Summary: Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise. Fluffy de-aged fic.

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Both of them as kids makes things even more exciting! ^_^

This is amazing! Please do continue it!

Thank you! And I'm definitely continuing.. the second part should be finished soon. :)

LOVE THIS!!! De-aged Kirk and Spock are SO ADORABLE! I want to huggle them all up and play pirates with them all day!

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it! :D


I always love bb!trek!! xD
So so cute~~!! *claps claps claps*

This is amazing amounts of adorable. I love it to pieces already.

I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Thanks!

This was sooo sweet and beautiful ^ ^
I loved it, thanks for writing this. In truth, these two like children, are lovely ^ ^