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Fic: The Slumber Party
ST - kobayashi maru
lallyloo wrote in simple_feeling
Title: The Slumber Party
Series: ST XI
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3500
Pairings: Kirk/Spock (with mentions of Pike/McCoy, Scotty/Uhura, Chekov/Sulu)
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: Based on a conversation I had with mga1999 (here) and was written as I recovered from general anaesthetic. Ridiculous and silly, and it turned out slightly shippier than I originally intended.

Summary: Jim throws a slumber party. He forces everyone to play Truth or Dare, he has gossipy girl talk with Uhura, and he ends up in a closet with Spock.

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awwwwww! so sweet! jim is such a bossy little 13 year old, it's adorable. and then he gets all sad that he didn't make popcorn :-( i actually love the shippiness :-) so sweet. and spock's "do you want to play the game again" was freaking adorable.

Thanks bb! And lol YES! I picture slumber party Jim as a bossy little 13 year old.. so that's the perfect description. :D I'm so glad you liked it!

“Best slumber party ever.” - so true. ♥

Sooooooooooo super cute~!!! McCoy being grumpy AND snuggling with Pike was adorable! And Chekov being all shy about him and Sulu~ SUPER cute!

"Jim glanced over at Scotty, who was sound asleep with an unfinished sandwich clenched in his hand." OMG I can totally see this!!!! I imagine him curled up, one hand gripping the sandwich and (as a kid, at least) his thumb in his mouth. LOLOLOLOL

WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?! This story was such epic win! :D

Aww I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you! :D

SO CUTE!!! Loved it, loved it~!! :DD

I adore Sulu and Chekov in the closet. Also Jim asking Spock if he wants anything, g'aww~! Also Bones saying he'd marry Pike <3
Also Uhura being Uhura, I always love her~ ^^

*claps claps claps*
Loved this! (it made me miss sleepovers too xDD;)

:DDD Thank you bb! Glad you enjoyed it!

(and I didn't think your icon could get more hilarious, but the tinhat is just AMAZING.)


i love Uhura painting nails!, the others play playstation and Jim dancing naked
and Spock with Jim in the closet was so adorable!!!!

Aww thank you bb! Glad you liked it!

My jaw is killing me from grinning, this fic was hilarious and rather sweet. Maybe Jim should have slumber parties more often XD

So glad you liked this one. Thanks again! :D

(and I love your icon)

One of the best crackish fic ever. =))

That's high praise! Thanks so much! :D

YAY! I love that line where Jim's like, that's weird! :D And admiring Spock's precision in the darkness. *laughs & laughs* Of COURSE Spock would be precise in the darkness! :D

Haha of course he would ;) I'm happy you liked this one too. Thanks again!