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Where He Wants to Be

title: Where He Wants to Be
pairing: Kirk/Spock
warning: pg
disclaimer: not mine to own
summary: Spock contemplates the path his life as taken since the events of ST XI

Spock stood silently gazing out the window of the living room of his quarters. He watched the quick streaks of light as the ship passed by stars, traveling at warp speed with no specifically laid out course. He had not yet grown comfortable with the spontaneity of their mission, no defined direction or agenda, simply 'out there'. Undefined exploration the purpose - uncomfortable though he is, he accepts it and stays aboard the ship because it is logical. Exploration will lead to new experience, new data, new ways of advancement. Progression is logical.

The hum of the ships engines and the life support systems create a white noise for Spock as he stands at his window, quiet and comforting (all these noises are expected from a ship with optimal functioning). He can feel himself edge into an almost meditative state, calm and reflective as he considers how different his routine has become in the last year. A different captain then he had expected, in some cases different crew members all together. He had assumed he would remain teaching at the academy for several more years before obtaining a position aboard a ship. He had never desired such a position - he would have denied desiring anything before now. The position was not unwanted now though, merely unplanned but the situation that had presented itself had created the need for it. Vulcan had called for aid and Starfleet had answered with as many functioning ships with as many qualified crew members as possible. Naturally, due to his education and training at the academy and the high regard with which he was held by Starfleet Command it made sense that he would receive a commanding position on a ship.

It surprised him, given the tragic events that followed the so called rescue mission to Vulcan, that he was not filled with regret for his current circumstance. Though there had been great loss, and oh yes he had felt the sadness and the anger so many had accused him of incapable of feeling, he had wanted to be here, he had needed this new purpose. His position aboard Enterprise he had sought out and it had been handed over willingly. He felt that professionally he was exactly where it was logical for him to be.

Behind him, Spock could hear the slide of the doors leading into his quarters from the hallway. He did not turn to greet the intruder, he remained still as he heard the sound of boots being removed and dropped haphazardly on the floor near the door. A sigh escaped the intruder's lips as he walked up behind Spock and rested his chin on Spock's shoulder. Hands gently clasped themselves to his hips and a warm body pressed itself against his back. Still Spock did not move.

"I'm glad that shift is over! I don't know how long I can take nothing happening! We're supposed to be exploring! Meeting new people and seeing new places! Nothing has happened in weeks!"

Spock did not respond, he knew from previous experience that the verbal tirade was not finished.

"I know things are getting dull when I actually consider asking Uhura to teach me some weird language I'll probably never need because that species' planet is on the opposite side of the universe!"

Jim moved away and sat down on the couch, resting his head on the back with his hands behind his head. He looked over at Spock who had finally moved to turn to face him and continued.

"I think I may have creeped out some of the crew.I went around and introduced myself to some of the ones I hadn't really met yet, spent an hour discussing alien fungi with some botanist who's name I'll most likely never need to know ..... I think I was too needy for entertainment" Jim laughed.

"Aquiring knowledge about unknown areas of study is always an efficient way to spend 'quiet time'" Spock reproached as he sat beside Jim.

Jim smiled and moved a hand beside Spock's on the coach next to him. He lightly ran his thumb back and forth across Spock's knuckles and when he felt Spock sigh softly he squeezed his hand and attempted to pull him closer. Spock did lean forward slightly, which Jim knew was as good as climbing onto his lap and sat up to press their lips together. Spock kissed back immediately, and very gently. Jim shifted, bringing his one leg up onto the coach and turning his body fully toward Spock, who was still sitting with his body facing forward.

Jim pulled Spock toward him, wrapping his arms under Spock's arms and resting them on his lower back. Spock gasped softly when Jim began to run his fingertips along his spine and Jim took the opportunity to deepen the kiss with his tongue. After several weeks of physical intimacy between them, Spock was not only becoming comfortable with their interactions but also becoming an eager participant. He reciprocate the kiss, sliding his warm tongue along Jim's and removing his arms from his sides and pulling Jim closer.

Jim laughed and pulled back slightly when he felt a strong hand claw at his upper thigh. Spock looked into his eyes, his breathing becoming raspy and irregular. Jim cocked an eyebrow and motioned towards Spock's bedroom. Spock nodded, stood and walked promptly into the other room. Jim followed chuckling to himself at Spock's apparently impatience - no reason to stumble their way into bed while necking passionately like teenagers,it wasted time.

Spock had already removed his two shirts and was quickly working on removing his boots when Jim paused at the doorway, leaning up against the frame.

"In a hurry, are you? Got somewhere else to be?"

Spock stood up and walked up to Jim, grasping the edge of his shirts and pulling them over his head. He ran his hands up and down Jim's bareback while kissing him far more passionately than anyone would believe. As he moved his hands around to Jim's stomach and ran them up his chest, Spock took Jim's full bottom lip between his own teeth and whispered "No Jim, I'm exactly where I want to be."
Tags: author: darkqueenmeg, kirk/spock, rating: pg
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