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Fic: Push and Pull

Title: Push and Pull
Series: ST XI
Rating: R
Word Count: ~1450
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: Written to fill my own prompt @ st_xi_kink_meme.

Summary: Kirk plays hard to get in bed, literally. He pushes, pulls, fights a little, bites a little. Spock tames him with Vulcan strength and lots of kissing. Kirk loves it.

The first time Jim pushed him, Spock assumed it was an accident. Just a teasing shove that ended up with a bit too much muscle-power behind it. Jim didn't apologize and Spock didn't ask for an explanation.

The second time it happened Spock pulled away, looking at Jim questioningly. Jim offered no explanation and merely reached up to pull Spock back towards him, tilting his head to sink his teeth into Spock's shoulder.

“Come on, Spock,” he groaned, his breath warm against the wet bite mark, and he lifted his hips to rut against Spock's. “Come on.”

Spock was puzzled by the sudden change in behavior. Jim had been quite forward and vocal at the beginning of their encounter, quickly undressing himself before helping divest Spock of his own clothing. He ran his fingers through Spock's smooth black hair, and stroked the Vulcan's chest, easing him into the situation.

At some point, however, Jim's behavior had changed. He seemed to withdraw, becoming less vocal and yet somehow more demanding, pushing and pulling Spock. Sending mixed signals which the Vulcan struggled to comprehend.

Spock leaned forward, gently licking one of Jim's nipples for a moment, when Jim pushed against his forehead with the palm of his hand. Spock sat back again just as Jim's hand rose up to give him a soft slap across his chest with the back of his hand.

Spock was taken aback. “Jim, I don't understand.”

Jim offered no reply, reaching up to grasp Spock's wrist and pull him back down towards the bed.

As Spock leaned forward to kiss him, Jim's arm came up to shield his eyes. The action made him appear withdrawn and uninterested, but Spock braved it and forced his mouth upon Jim's.

Jim's lips were hesitant at first, but he was soon kissing back, panting hard against Spock's mouth, the small pink tongue edging out for more contact. Jim lowered his arm, keeping his eyes closed, and ran his fingers through Spock's hair and gently down the side of the vulcan's face. Jim's kisses were harsh and eager, but his hands were gentle, cupping Spock's jaw before sliding around to the back of his neck to pull them closer together.

He kissed Spock's mouth frantically, before slipping his hand to Spock's shoulder and giving another shove as he turned his face away from Spock.


Spock was beginning to understand. It was a game.

He stared at Jim's profile for a moment, examining the seemingly uninterested expression on his face, before reaching down to clasp his fingers around Jim's wrists. Spock easily raised Jim's hands over his head, pinning them down to the bed. Jim let out a soft moan, but kept his gaze averted.

Spock brought his mouth to Jim's ear, breathing gently for a moment before speaking.

“Is this what you want Jim?” he asked, his voice low and deep, his breath hot against Jim's skin.

Jim responded with a jerk of his hands, feigning resistance. Spock pressed his wrists harder into the bed before placing a soft kiss against Jim's temple.

“If this is what you want, I will give it to you.”

Jim groaned as Spock traced his tongue along his jawline, and turned his head to meet Spock's lips with his own.

“I will give you anything,” Spock said softly against Jim's mouth.

Jim raised his head off the bed then, his lips pressing hard and frantic against Spock's. Spock kissed back, his lips opening to allow Jim's tongue to enter and explore again. Jim's kisses were punctuated by harsh breaths as he thrust his hips up towards Spock, his leaking erection rubbing against Spock's stomach.

Spock pulled his mouth from Jim's, and Jim let out a frustrated sigh which quickly turned to a quiet groan as Spock's tongue ran over one of Jim's nipples. He kept Jim's hands pressed to the bed as his tongue roamed over the hardened flesh. Jim was moaning softly, his tongue flicking out over his kiss-swollen lips, as Spock continued teasing him.

As Spock attempted to move further down Jim's torso, he eased his grip on Jim's wrists, allowing him a moment of free movement. Jim's immediate reaction was to yank both hands free and shove hard against Spock's shoulders.

Spock reared up and caught hold of Jim's wrists again, raising them back above his head.

“No, Jim.” he whispered against Jim's mouth before meeting his lips again.

As Spock kissed him, Jim continued thrusting himself up against Spock, his hips lifting entirely off the bed as he rutted himself against Spock's warm skin. Spock's own erection was hanging hot and hard, trailing precum down the inside of Jim's thigh.

Spock's lips eased off slightly, as he wrapped one hand around both of Jim's wrists, effectively freeing his other hand. Jim's hands remained pinned by the strength of one of Spock's, while Spock's free hand traveled down Jim's torso, skirting over the wet nipples, and further down to grip Jim's hip. Spock used his Vulcan strength to easily push Jim's hips flush against the bed. Jim let out a frustrated groan, his leg muscles struggling to raise his hips again. Releasing the pressure slightly, Spock allowed Jim's hips to lift again and his hand moved suddenly to grasp Jim's erection.

Jim let out a gasp as his hips thrust higher, his body straining to move within Spock's hand. Spock tilted his own hips, lining his length up with Jim's, before taking them both in his hand.

Jim's back arched, his hands still pinned above his head, as Spock ran his fist over the heads of their cocks and spread precum down both shafts. He paused then, gripping them tightly, and stared down at Jim. Jim was arched and moaning, attempting to either free himself or thrust up into Spock's curled fist.

“Jim..” Spock said, his stern voice causing Jim to stop moving. “Look at me.”

Jim's head tilted then to finally make eye contact with Spock. He looked completely debauched, his mouth hanging open, and a pleading look on his face.

Spock allowed his hand to slide slowly along their lengths. “Is this what you want?”

Jim's tongue ran over his lips as he nodded in response.

Spock continued stroking slowly and Jim's breath hitched each time Spock swiped his thumb over the top, teasing Jim's slit.

As his breathing became more erratic, Jim raised his head towards Spock, his mouth open and panting and straining for contact. Spock leaned forward to capture Jim's mouth with his own, his hot tongue licking at Jim's swollen lips before swirling his tongue around Jim's begging one.

Finally Spock could sense Jim reaching his climax as his kisses eased off into panting breaths against Spock's mouth. Spock increased his pace, and spoke against Jim's lips.

“Tell me what you want Jim.”

Jim closed his eyes and shook his head, his breath still coming fast.

Spock gripped them together harder, his thumb running relentlessly over the head of Jim's cock.

“Tell me.”

“You..” Jim's voice was a whisper between each frantic breath. “You.. want you to.. mark me..”

The admittance made Spock's own orgasm suddenly shudder through him, and he gripped them tighter, tugging frantically as he came on Jim's stomach and chest. Jim moaned as the warmth splashed across his skin, his back arching as his own orgasm hit him.

Spock stroked them both through it, only letting go as Jim's body dropped lax against the bed. Spock lowered himself against Jim's side as his other hand released his grip on Jim's wrists.

Jim brought his hands down to wrap around Spock, and Spock watched Jim's chest rise and fall as his breathing returned to normal.

Finally Spock glanced up at Jim. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed.


At the sound of Spock's voice, Jim opened his eyes and tilted his head down to meet Spock's gaze.

He grinned sheepishly. “So now you know my secret.”

Spock's brow furrowed. “To what secret are you referring?”

“I'm weird in bed.”

“Weird, Jim?”

“You know, a freak.”

Spock allowed a small smile to escape his lips as he stared at Jim. “I would never call you any of those things.”

Jim smiled back. “What would you call me then?”

As Spock moved up to kiss Jim, it was apparent he was already half-hard as he pressed against Jim's hip.

Tags: author: lallyloo, kirk/spock, rating: r
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