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Fic: Lessons

Title: Lessons
Series: ST XI
Rating: R
Word Count: 1160
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: Written for a prompt @ st_xi_kink_meme. Originally posted here.

Summary: Jim teaches Spock how to perform oral sex.

Jim was lying on the bed, naked except for his Starfleet regulation underwear. Spock hovered above him, patient and waiting.

“Ideally I'd like it if you'd tease me a little before you jump into it, but for the sake of this 'lesson' we can skip that.”

Jim was hard already anyway, with Spock's curious eyes on him, watching and waiting for his instructions.

“You can pull those completely off if you want, or you could just take my dick out, it's up to you.”

Jim's voice was strong and self-assured. He was turned on, but he was also amused at the situation. When Spock had requested a lesson in giving a blow job, Jim had been more than happy to oblige. He'd been harboring a secret interest in his first officer for months, and Spock's request seemed innocent enough. He had stressed the logic of the situation, and indicated that Jim was the most sensible choice because they had a successful working relationship and a friendship built on trust.

Spock hooked his fingers into the waistband of Jim's underwear and removed them with one quick tug. Jim let out a gasping laugh at the rushed movement as the cool air suddenly brushed across his length.

Spock sat back on his knees, calmly waiting for instructions.

“You'll have to move closer,” Jim teased, motioning for Spock to get closer to him again. “Wait, no, let's move this to the end of the bed.”

Jim sat up and shuffled his way to the foot of the bed, allowing his legs to fall over the side.

“Over here, kneel right here.” Jim pointed to the floor, and Spock knelt down between Jim's legs.

“As far as where to start, it's up to you Spock. The head, or my balls--”

The words caught in Jim's throat as Spock took a teasing lick at the head of his cock.

“Sure, yeah, right there. That's perfect.”

Spock took another lick before pausing to stare up at Jim.

“Put it in your mouth, Spock. Just wrap your lips around it.”

Spock complied, wrapping his lips over Jim's cock head.

“Fuck..” Jim sighed. “That's it. And your tongue, use your tongue on the ridge.”

The heat of Spock's mouth was overwhelming, and the warm tip of his tongue grazed along the ridge of Jim's cock. Without being prompted, Spock slipped his tongue over the head a few times, causing Jim to jolt at the motion.

“That's perfect, Spock.”

He reached up to run his fingers through Spock's hair, and grinned at him teasingly.

“You're doing so good.”

Spock pulled his mouth away for a moment. “So well,” he replied, taking another swipe with his tongue.

“So well, yeah, you're doing so well,” Jim laughed, pushing Spock's head towards his length.

Spock took Jim into his mouth again, swirling his tongue over the head.

“Your hands, you could use your hands too.”

Jim reached for one of Spock's hands, pulling it up to wrap around the root of his cock.

“Touch there, and my balls. All over. Your tongue too.”

Spock grasped Jim's length with a warm hand, pulling his mouth off the head with a wet popping sound.

“Your balls?” He looked at Jim with mild confusion, reaching for Jim's sack.

“My testicles, yeah. Balls, Spock.”

Spock leaned in to lick at the skin there, sucking one rounded ball into his mouth before moving to the other. He suddenly seemed to remember his hand, which was still wrapped around Jim's length, and he gave it a long slow tug.

Jim let out a soft moan, seeming to forget his place as instructor.

“Jim?” Spock asked between licks.


“How should I proceed?”

“Oh..” It took Jim a second to gather himself. “Your mouth again. On my cock.”

Spock moved his mouth back up to Jim's length, as he brought a hand down to rub over Jim's balls which were now slippery and wet with saliva.

The hot mouth enveloped Jim's cock again. The wet heat was almost too much, and yet Jim wanted more.

“Deeper. Take it deeper in your mouth.”

Spock nodded in agreement, sliding his lips up and down over the head before taking Jim's cock further into his mouth.

“That ridge..” Jim sputtered between breaths. “Can you feel it? The vertical vein?”

Spock hummed an agreement, causing Jim's hips to trust up. “Fuck Spock.. That ridge, lick it.”

Spock sucked at Jim's length while running his tongue back and forth over the ridge on the underside of Jim's cock. His head bobbed up and down as his tongue continued pressing against the line.

“Both hands.. both hands...” Jim was repeating, as he continued watching Spock.

Spock brought a hand up to once again take hold of the root of Jim's cock, while his other hand continued tugging at his balls. Spock slowly eased his mouth off, eyeing Jim the entire time.

He sucked at the end before pulling off completely, grasping Jim's cock and tonguing at the slit until Jim was a babbling mess.

“Ohh.. fuck.. oh fuck Spock...”

He'd certainly had quicker and more skilled blow jobs, but seeing those dark eyes looking up at him as Spock hovered above his pulsing erection, rubbing that tongue into his slit, made Jim almost lose it completely.

“I need your mouth..”

Spock followed the instruction, swiftly taking Jim back into his mouth and Jim shuddered at the overwhelming heat.

“Deeper, take it deeper.”

Spock let go of Jim suddenly, and then reached under him, grasping his ass cheeks and lifting his hips completely off the bed.

Jim's back arched and his head lolled back as he was pulled closer to Spock's mouth. Spock sucked him down, taking Jim as deeply as possible.

“Ahhhh... fuck, Spock.. yes...”

His hands flailed a little, straining to run his fingers through Spock's hair as his body arched upwards.

“I'm going to.. I'm..” Jim was running his mouth, unable to piece together a sentence as Spock pumped his hips up and sucked harder at Jim, increasing the pressure until it was almost unbearable.

“I'm almost..”

Jim let out a cry, moaning as his orgasm hit. His body tensed, and Spock held him still, his length entirely engulfed in that heated mouth. His cock pulsed, spurting its load down the back of Spock's throat, and Spock swallowed every drop, careful to not spill any.

When Jim was lax and spent, Spock lowered his body gently back to the bed.

“I trust that was satisfactory?”

Jim tilted his head up to him and grinned. “Damn right it was. Jesus, Spock. If I didn't know any better I'd swear this wasn't your first lesson.”

Spock gave him a slight smirk.

“You sly Vulcan..” Jim said with a laugh, jumping up and shoving Spock back onto the bed.

There was a brief hint of worry on Spock's face. “Jim?”

Jim knelt down between Spock's legs, smiling up at him.

“Your turn now.”
Tags: author: lallyloo, kirk/spock, rating: r
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