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Title: Control
Series: ST XI
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2790
Summary: From the prompt: Top Toppy McToperson Kirk tops the shit out of Spock - with dirty talk galore.
Notes: dont own them obviously. wish i did, cause then the next movie would be deliciously homosexual. thanks to lallyloo for the early morning editing! nothing better than writing and editing stories until 3:30am when you have to get up at 6:30am for work :P good times!

Spock has barely set one foot through the door to his quarters when he is forcefully shoved against the wall. He knows without seeing that he is not in danger, and feels a spike of excitement run up his spine as soft but demanding lips suck roughly at his neck. He can feel the trail of moisture left behind as a tongue licks aggressively up his neck and along the shell of his ear. Too caught up in the sensation, Spock barely registers the hands that run down his back and slip below the waistband of his pants. His head rolls back, and he gasps as the hands pull his ass cheeks apart and his hips forward. As a hard erection is rubbed against Spock's own, Jim whispers “I’ve been thinking about this all day.”

“Indeed?” Spock's voice is hoarse from arousal.

A finger caresses down the crease of his buttocks and runs lightly, teasingly over his entrance causing Spock’s hips to jut involuntarily forward. His legs spread, and his toned and thin thighs clench around Jim’s slightly more muscular ones. His feet are barely touching the floor as Jim presses him tightly to the wall, and Spock’s arms are now grasping across the naked back, his fingertips digging into the tanned skin.

“Oh fuck yeah.” Jim groans, nipping at an earlobe and tugging gently. “What about you? Have you been thinking about this all day?”

“ I-” Spock opens his mouth to reply but he is cut off by Jim’s invading tongue. Jim slides his tongue over Spock’s much hotter one, and Spock moans as other areas of his body become jealous of the attention. As Jim sucks at his mouth, Spock’s hands roam the expanse of Jim's back, admiring the hard muscular planes and scratching his short nails into the skin, now slick with sweat. Jim frees his tongue in order to bite down on Spock’s full bottom lip, causing Spock to dig his nails deeper. There will be marks there tomorrow and Spock will lick them better.

Jim pulls Spock from the wall and he nearly stumbles as he is led towards his bedroom. Jim’s mouth scarcely leaves Spock’s lips, now so very red from kissing, as they move gracelessly across the room, and he pauses only for a moment to violently tear Spock’s shirts over his head. The shirts are tossed carelessly onto the floor, and Spock is too out of breath to complain. He doesn’t even register that they have entered his bedroom until he is suddenly push away from Jim, landing with a small bounce on the awaiting bed.

Jim looks down at Spock, who is now propped up on his elbows, legs spread wide in invitation, skin flushed a slight olive color. He admires the body before him, the obvious erection pressing insistently against the constrictive pants, begging for attention. Jim's gaze follows the thin line of hair leading up Spock's abs, now covered in a light sheen of sweat, to the crest of Spock's heaving chest. He notes the small bruising along Spock’s throat where he has sucked and bit, before looking Spock in the eyes for the first time since being relieved of duty for the day. Spock's pupils are blown wide.

Jim smirks and runs his hand slowly down his own chest, flicking a thumb over a nipple and loving the way the Vulcan’s mouth drops open to allow a tongue to flick out and run across his lips in anticipation.

“Yeah, you’ve been waiting all day for this too.”

Jim steps closer to the bed and pulls off Spock’s boots and socks.

“You want it bad, Spock?


“You want me bad?”

“Yes, Jim... Yes.”

Spock reaches out a hand trying to touch Jim anywhere he can. He misses as Jim pulls away, teasingly. Jim chuckles as he turns to see a flicker of frustration on the Vulcan's face, and he calmly folds his arms across his chest.

“Show me.”

A raised eyebrow is the response.

“Show me, show me how bad you want it.” Jim reaches down to squeeze his erection through his pants in emphasis as he eyes Spock’s own.

Spock begins to sit up, clearly unsure as to what Jim is asking.

“Show me, Spock. You’re hard, yeah? Show me how hard.”

For a moment, Spock does not respond. Then he shifts on the bed, lying down fully, and begins to unbutton his pants. Spock’s eyes are glued to Jim’s, which are glued to the Vulcan’s hands as they slowly lower the zipper. Tucking his thumbs into the waist of his pants, Spock begins to inch them down his hips.

When a wider patch of dark hair begins to show at the top of the pants, Jim launches forward, digging his own fingers under the waistband and yanks the pants off in one fluid motion. His hands grasp Spock’s ankles before running up the length of his calves and thighs, stopping on his hips. Kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed, Jim pulls the slim hips forward and takes Spock’s exposed erection into his mouth.

Spock throws his head back violently, arching his neck and back, and thrusts his hips towards Jim’s luscious mouth. He feels his cock hit the back of Jim’s throat, and then feels the vibrations from the moan that Jim releases as he locks eyes with Spock.

Jim pulls his mouth off Spock's cock, his lips pink and wet.

“God, you taste so fucking good, you know that?” Jim moans with a smile as he wraps a hand around Spock’s cock, now liberally covered in saliva, “I could do this all day. I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Jim squeezes tightly around the base as he gives Spock’s cock one thorough lick up, running the tip of his tongue around the ridge of the head then flicking it into the hole. Spock's hips jerk at the motion, so Jim slips his tongue in again, giving Spock a teasing grin.

“Hmmmm? Would you?” He nips lightly along the smooth shaft, causing Spock to cry out. “Like my mouth sucking you, tasting you all day?”

Jim feels fingers begin to run through his hair. “Ever wondered what it would be like if I blew you on the bridge?”

“Ahhh.. Jim..”

“Maybe sometime when everyone’s asleep, the bridge all empty, just you and me. You could sit in the chair-” Jim takes one ball into his mouth and sucks gently, “I’d pull you out, I’d lick you until you were so hard and leaking.” He suckles the other then releases it, “maybe use my teeth a little, you like it rough sometimes, don’t you?” Jim’s tongue slips past Spock’s balls and moves lower.

Spock cries out his name again.

Jim's voice is muffled but he continues, “ Yeah, I know you do. And I know what else you like.”

“Ah! Jim!”

Spock can't control himself, how he cries out. He never can when Jim pleasures him this way.

Spock pulls his legs up, knees hugged tight to his chest, feet resting on Jim’s shoulders as a soft pink tongue probes inside. Jim knows to be gentle at first. He always is. He’s as gentle at this as he is rough with other things. Spock enjoys it all.

Jim pulls away and Spock reaches out a hand in an attempt to bring him back. It is a feeble attempt as his body feels boneless from Jim’s attentions. Jim pulls himself up and onto the bed and begins to pushes Spock over on to his side.

“Over. On your knees.”

Jim doesn’t have to ask twice. Spock obeys immediately, forehead resting on the bed, ass in the air. He spreads his legs giving Jim a better view and better access. Jim smiles as he grabs the ass firmly, a cheek in each hand and squeezes.

“Fuck, Spock! You look so good like this. From every angle.. You look so fucking good.”

Jim pulls Spock's ass cheeks apart and leans down to give him one slow lick, taint to hole. Spock lets out a high pitched moan, a sound most people would never imagine he could make. A sound that no one else will ever hear, if Jim has anything to say about it.

Jim presses himself into Spock’s back, his clothed erection rubbing against Spock’s ass as he reaches into the bedside drawer and pulls out a small tube. Ever since that first unplanned time, they've both learned (the hard way for Spock in particular) to keep lube close by.

Jim remains there for a moment, nuzzling into Spock’s neck and wrapping one arm around him, holding their bodies tight together. Spock turns his head to press a kiss to the side of Jim’s face and feels Jim smile against his neck.

Sitting up, Jim opens the small tube and coats his fingers. He sits back and watches as one finger slowly disappears inside Spock. He always goes slow, one finger at a time and refuses to fuck Spock until he’s absolutely convinced he’s ready. (“Never hurt you like that again. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry Spock! It’ll be so much better from now on!”)

Pushing one finger in, and slowly pulling out, Jim says “you’re so tight. How can you still be so tight, huh?”

Spock knows there is a logical explanation for this, but he is unable to respond except to thrust back on Jim’s finger, silently begging for him to add another one. By now Jim is able to read Spock's body so well, and immediately the next finger is added.

Jim continues his agonizingly slow pace.

“You love this don’t you? You love having my fingers inside you.”

It is not a question, not really. Jim knows how much Spock enjoys Jim, feeling Jim, in every aspect.

And Spock knows how much Jim loves to hear him admit it.

“Yes!” Spock groans, turning his head so he can look at Jim, “Yes, Jim, I love it.”

Jim smiles, white teeth flashing, as he adds a third finger.

“Tell me-” fingers twist and press down, searching. “Tell me, how good it feels.”

“It feels-” a gasp as the fingers find what they are seeking, “It feels -”

Before Spock can answer, the fingers are removed. He hears the sound of Jim unzipping his pants, and turns in time to see Jim pushing them down his hips. Spock watches as Jim’s long hard cock is freed and he pushes his ass back to rub against it. Jim laughs and rubs his naked groin into Spock's ass.

“Eager huh? Yeah.. me too.”

Jim reaches for the lube once more and spreads it on, stroking himself roughly with one hand. He reaches below and tugs his balls as he watches Spock watching him.

Once more he firmly clasps Spock and spreads him apart. Spock moans as he feels Jim fill him slowly, fully. Jim pauses once he's in, and Spock can feel Jim’s balls lightly tapping against his taint. Jim leans down again, and Spock pushes himself up so that his back is pressed against Jim's chest.

Breath tickles Spock's sensitive ears as Jim whispers “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

Spock closes his eyes and rolls his hips in response.

‘I’m going to fuck you so hard,” Jim repeats, “you aren’t going to be able to sit all day tomorrow.”

He licks down Spock’s neck and digs his teeth momentarily into Spock’s shoulder.

“It’s going to be days before you can sit and not think of me. Of this. Of my cock up your ass. That's a promise.”


“And you’re going to love it aren’t you? There’s nothing you love more than this..”

Spock can think of one thing he does in fact love more, but this moment is not for expressing sentimental feelings. He knows how Jim likes to talk to him during sex.

Jim pulls back, plants his hands on Spock’s hips and begins to thrust into Spock. Hard.

As much as Jim thoroughly prepared him, there is always a slight discomfort in the beginning. A slight tinge of pain, but it's something Spock has come to enjoy. He's come to view it as a sign of the intensity that is Jim Kirk. Of the feelings Jim has for him.

Spock likes to think that it was never like this for Jim with anyone else.

He knows it. He can feel it between them, and Jim often tells him so.

This is just theirs.

Jim’s thrusts are deep but missing the spot that makes Spock come completely undone. He knows Jim is doing this on purpose. Jim likes to tease him, to prolong this as long as possible.

He is, as always, under Jim’s control.

Spock’s body begins to weaken under Jim’s assault, the pressure building in his balls, his cock aching from the lack of touch. His arms are giving out under him, his hands clawing at the sheets as he moans for Jim.

Jim laughs, as much as one can laugh while moaning and continues to thrust, switching angles every so often in order to keep Spock on his toes. The grip on Spock’s hips never weakens, even as Jim approaches his own orgasm.

Spock can barely make out the heavy panting behind him, over his own.

“Jim, Jim, Jim,” Spock’s moans are a broken record of Jim's name.

“Oh god, so good Spock.”

Jim speeds up. The sound of skin slapping against skin becomes louder than their mingled moans. Jim shifts his hands in order to adjust the angle of Spock’s hips and suddenly Spock is crying out. The hands leave Spock's hips, grasping around his abdomen and pulling him back, forcing him into an upright position so he is sitting on Jim’s lap. Jim guides Spock’s arms up and back, so that his hands are clasping the back of Jim’s head and shoulders.

Jim keeps one arm wrapped around Spock’s toned stomach, keeping him upright ,while the other reaches down to stroke Spock's leaking and neglected cock in time with his thrusting.

Each inward thrust hits Spock’s prostate exactly. He knows it won't be long now, he's so close. Spock clings helplessly to Jim, turning his head in an attempt to capture Jim's lips but can only manage to nuzzle the side of his face.

Just as Spock is about to climax, Jim lifts him off of his lap and off his cock. Spock whimpers at the loss, but is then pushed over onto his back in one swift motion with Jim suddenly thrusting into him once again. Spock instinctively wraps his lean legs around Jim’s waist, pulling him closer. He tries to wrap his arms around Jim, but he is stopped. His arms are forced above his head and held there. He does not mind.

Jim continues to pound into him forcefully and precisely, his eyes locked on Spock's. Again Spock approaches orgasm, and he can feel as his eyes roll back into his head.

“No!” Jim demands, with a tight squeeze on Spock’s wrists where he is being held down, “Open your eyes, Spock. Look at me..”

Spock complies, as he always does with any demand Jim makes. Spock looks up to see Jim’s wide eyes, flushed face, and hair wet with sweat. Jim's pink tongue slips out and runs over his swollen lips. Instantly Spock climaxes, squeezing Jim between his thighs as hard as possible, wanting to keep him inside and unmoving while he rides out his orgasm. Spock can feel Jim inside him through it all, and finally looks up at Jim and nods when he is ready for him to continue.

Jim watches for a second, assuring himself that Spock is ready again, and then he begins to fuck Spock even harder than before. His grunting becomes even louder and more regular and he thrusts two of his fingers into Spock’s mouth. Spock sucks on them as best he can in his sated state and moans Jim’s name. With teeth clenched, and his eyes still on Spock's, Jim comes deep inside Spock with a solid groan. One, two quick pumps and Jim collapses on top of Spock, releasing his hold on Spock's wrists and wrapping his arms around the Vulcan. Now that his arms are free, Spock returns the embrace and gently kisses the side of Jim’s face.

Jim smiles, and sits up enough to look at Spock after a few moments. Running a finger down the center of Spock’s chest he says “So that’s what I’ve been thinking about all day.”

Spock leans up and kiss Jim soundly, “And now I will be thinking of it for several days, as you promised.”
Tags: author: darkqueenmeg, kirk/spock, rating: nc-17
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