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Fic: "Good, right?"

Title: “Good, right?”
Series: STXI
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1650
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Notes: Originally posted here. Thanks to darkqueenmeg for being my sounding board. ;)

Summary: From this prompt at st_xi_kink_meme: I really like when rimming is followed by fingering. Can we have Spock getting licked open, then fingered to orgasm?.

“Jim, are you sure this is sanitary?”

“Spock, don't ruin the moment.” Kirk sighed in exasperation. “It's fine, you know it's fine.”

“Fine has various meanings--”

“Spock! In this case fine means perfectly clean and sanitary and hot and awesome. Now just enjoy it!”

Spock stopped talking and simply stared at Kirk, waiting for instruction.

“Table or wall?”

Spock looked at him incredulously.

“Jim, I.. I do not.. what?”

A smirk spread across Kirk's face. “Okay, we'll start at the wall.. maybe end at the table.”

“I do not underst--”

“Spock, just go with it. Trust me.”

“I always place the utmost trust in you, Jim. You are aware of this.”

Kirk placed a hand on Spock's hip and kissed him gently. “I know.”

Kirk maneuvered Spock towards the wall, then lifted Spock's hands and placed them palms-down flat against it. He briefly placed one of his own hands over one of Spock's, pressing softly against it, indicating Spock should keep his hands in place.

Spock was already nearly naked, clad only in his black regulation briefs, and Kirk stood beside him and admired the sight. Spock's pale skin, already flushed green in some places, his dark hair a stark contrast on his head and his chest, and his strong muscles outlined by angular lines traveling down his body.

“You're fucking hot.”

In the past, Spock would have responded to such a comment with a confirmation that yes, Vulcan body temperature is much higher than that of the average human. He had come to realize, however, that Jim Kirk's definition of 'hot' meant something else entirely, and Spock simply nodded in response.

“So vain, Spock. So vain..” Kirk teased as he moved behind Spock and lowered himself to his knees.

Kirk ran his hands over the black fabric of Spock's briefs before hooking his fingertips in the waistband and slowly inching them down. The fabric moved over Spock's buttocks, revealing the soft pale flesh underneath. Kirk placed a kiss on each cheek before gently sinking his teeth in, giving Spock a teasing bite.

As he eased the fabric down, he nudged Spock's ankles, encouraging him to lift each foot. When Spock was completely naked, Kirk let out a happy sigh, and ran his hands up the back of Spock's legs before kneading the flesh of Spock's ass.

Finally he clasped each cheek and pulled them slightly apart. He licked his lips before moving his tongue to Spock's waiting entrance. Kirk slowly ran his tongue over the skin there, lavishing it in wet licks, as Spock let out a huffed breath.

“Good, right?” Kirk asked between licks.

“It is pleasurable, yes.”

Kirk laughed to himself, pausing to blow cool air over Spock's hole and then swiping his tongue over Spock's skin again.

“It gets better,” he said quietly, his tongue circling around Spock's entrance.

Kirk paused for a moment, before pressing his tongue experimentally against the spot. Spock let out another huffed breath, and shifted his stance to give Kirk better access.

His hands still clasped on Spock's ass cheeks, Kirk eased his tongue deeper inside. His tongue speared Spock gently, moving slowly in and out, and there was a soft thud as Spock allowed his forehead to fall and rest against the wall.

Kirk continued to probe, stretching Spock a little with his tongue. He pushed his tongue a little deeper each time, attempting to curl the tip as he pulled out. When Spock seemed relatively pliant and wet, Kirk speared his tongue in again before pulling out completely, blowing soft breath over Spock's hole and spearing in again, a little rougher and quicker each time.

As Kirk worked his tongue deeper and deeper inside him, Spock let out a soft moan as his leg muscles began to tremble. Kirk moved a hand down to still them, and eased his tongue off a little, alternating between gentle swipes and soft pushes.

When Spock's legs finally stilled, Kirk slid his hand between Spock's thighs. He gave Spock's balls a gentle squeeze before moving up to slide his hand over his erection. Spock's cock was rigid and radiating heat, and Kirk trailed his fingertips over the hard velvety skin. As his fingers reached the head of Spock's cock, Kirk plunged his tongue in again, twisting slightly before pulling out. He attempted to mirror the twisting action on the head of Spock's cock, his fingers slipping in the leaking precum.

Spock muttered incomprehensibly and attempted to thrust into Kirk's palm.

Kirk smirked to himself as he let go of Spock's heavy cock. “Not yet, Spock.”

He moved his hand back to Spock's ass cheek, spreading him further apart and plundering Spock with his tongue. He speared in, increasing his speed until Spock seemed ready to fall over the edge. Then, without warning, he pulled back, letting go of Spock's cheeks and rising to his feet.

Spock raised his head to glance back at Kirk, his hair mussed and a pleading look in his eyes. His hands remained flat against he wall, and he was panting softly.

“Jim.. please..”

Kirk grasped one of Spock's wrists, pulling him off the wall and up against himself, his own erection straining against the fabric of his briefs. They kissed for a few seconds, Spock's breathing still rushed and shallow, before Kirk raised his right hand to Spock's mouth. He trailed his fingertips along Spock's wet lips.


Spock reached up to grab Kirk's wrist, closing his eyes as he took two of Kirk's fingers in his mouth. Kirk watched as Spock sucked and lapped at the digits, twirling his tongue around them and humming softly at the back of his throat. Kirk pulled his hand back slightly, allowing for a third finger to slip in.

With his free hand, Spock reached down suddenly to touch Kirk through his briefs. His hand traced the outline of Kirk's erection, and the area where Kirk's precum had created a damp circle on the fabric. Kirk jolted a little, before pulling his fingers from Spock's mouth and moving away from his touch.

“You..” he said, turning Spock around and bending him over the desk of his work area. Spock obeyed without question, flattening his palms on the table, and laying his cheek against the cool surface. His erection was underneath him, hot and hard and leaking precum onto the table.

Kirk stepped in behind Spock, running his fingers along Spock's entrance to make sure it was still nice and wet, before anchoring his thumb directly above Spock's hole and easing his middle finger in. It slid easily past the ring of muscle, and Spock's breathing hitched as Kirk twisted and pulled out. Kirk slid it in again a few times, a little quicker each time, twisting and curling as he pulled out.

Finally he pulled his finger out completely, and massaged Spock's hole with his middle and index fingers, readying Spock before he spread him even further. As Kirk eased the two fingers in, Spock clawed at the desk and pushed himself back against Kirk's hand.

Kirk rocked his hand a little, and Spock moved his body along with the motion. As Kirk curled his fingers he finally hit the bump inside Spock which caused the Vulcan to jolt on the table.

“There Jim.. there..”

Kirk leaned over Spock's body to kiss the back of his neck. “I know..”

Kirk gave Spock's prostate a few gentle strokes before pulling his fingers almost completely out. Then he pushed in again, hard, took a swipe at the bump, and pulled back.

Push, touch, pull. Push, touch, pull.

Spock's hands were clawing at the surface of the desk as he continued to rock his body with Kirk's movements, straining for more friction, more touch, jolting and moaning each time Kirk hit his prostate.

Finally he reached one hand back to grab at Kirk's hip, pulling Kirk closer to him. Kirk went along willingly, rutting against Spock's hip, moving himself in time with his fingers as he plunged deeper into Spock. His own cock was almost unbearably hard, and he reached down quickly to yank the front of his briefs down. Kirk shuddered as his cock rubbed against Spock, and he trailed precum over the Vulcan's hot skin.

As Kirk increased the thrust of his hips, he eased his fingers out of Spock before adding a third and pushing in hard and quick. He slid his fingers in and out, pressing against the bump unrelentingly.

Press. Press. Press.

Spock continued to grip the desk, his forehead now resting against the cool surface.

“Jim..” he moaned. “There.. There..”

Kirk could feel the pressure and heat building within Spock, and suddenly Spock's body stilled as his orgasm hit him. Spock's cock spasmed beneath him, pulsing hot liquid onto the table. Spock let out a groan, muttering a string of Vulcan words, his brain unable to translate to the usual Standard. His muscles clenched around Kirk's fingers, and the sight and feel and sound of everything made Kirk rut harder.

He rubbed his cock against Spock's hot skin as his fingers slipped out of Spock's hole. His left hand still on Spock's hip, Kirk's wet right hand clasped Spock's ass as Spock continued to rock back against him.

“Now Jim.” Spock said breathlessly, his forehead still resting against the desk. “Now.”

Kirk jolted before every muscle in his body seemed to seize. His cock rocked against Spock's skin as it pulsed and spurted its load down the back of Spock's leg. Kirk's ears buzzed and his fingers dug into the Vulcan's skin, before he finally went boneless and collapsed onto Spock.

He rested there for a moment, eyes closed, smiling and breathing heavily. Finally he turned his head to kiss Spock's back.

“Good, right?” he asked with a laugh.

He felt Spock's body rock softly beneath him. A silent laugh.

“Indeed, Jim.”
Tags: author: lallyloo, kirk/spock, rating: nc-17
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