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Untitled (first fic! yay!)

Title: Untitled (it's too late for this....i'll think of one for my next story)
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Summary: The awkwardness after first time sex.
Disclaimer: I'd own them if I could! Alas, I do not!
Author's Note: written at 3am and am very tired.

The room was dark and quiet. Jim could just barely make out Spock's outline on the bed beside him,though his gradually slowing breathing was still audible. He lay on his stomach beside, well almost still on top of Spock with his hand resting lightly on Spock's chest. He had been too spent to move farther away, the experience too intense still.

Spock hadn't moved in over 10 minutes but Jim knew he was very much awake. The starlight shining in from his bedroom window lit up the whites of Spock's eyes, revealing that his gaze was locked on some spot on the ceiling and Kirk knew he was purposely trying not to look at him. He tried not to take offense, even though he assumed Spock was attempting to regain his ever stoic control. Spock couldn't help it if he felt uncomfortable in this new situation. It wasn't his fault he had been raised to think this was 'illogical'. Kirk knew he shouldn't be offended, it wasn't personal.

Jim rolled over, moving to the farthest edge of the bed possible, trying to give Spock his space. Space to quickly and efficiently redress and exit his quarters. Maybe it was best to pretend this never happened. He was no virgin to one night stands, and certainly experienced in 'playing it cool' with his lovers afterwards. They were lucky if he even bothered to remember their names.

But this was different. This wasn't some scantily clad young cadet eager to be another notch in the belt of the campus hot shot. This was Spock. This was his first officer, his confidant, his friend. Ideally, now his lover. He actually cared about him. He actually wanted this to happen again and again, and it wasn't purely about physical satisfaction. This wasn't just about sex.

He'd had better sex, technially speaking. He'd had many sexual partners, experimented far more than the average human male in his mid twenties. With Spock, it had been awkward, hesitant and unsure. Jim had been nervous, he'd never gone this far sexually with another man before and he hadn't been exactly sure what to do, much less how to lead Spock. Spock had never had sex, and though he tried to hide it under his cold, unemotional vulcan exterior, his trembling hands had given away to Jim his own nerviousness.

It had been deeply satisfying still to finally have this confirmation, to know for sure that Spock had felt this attraction as well, that he was capable of it. Oh, he had definitely been capable of it, more so than anyone would ever give him credit for. As nervous as Spock had been, he certainly had proved to be eager and passionate, even by human standards. Jim chuckled softly at his recollection of Spock forcefully pulling him closer as he came, how he had bite down on Jim's neck to muffle his moan.


"Hmmm?" Jim replied, turning his head to look into bright black eyes now mere inches from his own.

"What do you find so humorous?" Spock asked as he turned on his side, facing Jim. He moved his hand to lay beside Jim's turned face and ever so lightly stroked his cheek with his index finger.

Jim sighed and turned his body towards Spock, gently sliding his arms around him and resting his hands on his back, pulling him so they were pressed against each other from head to toe. He lightly brushed his lips against Spock's and laughed.

"Just life's little surprises" Jim whispered kissing his way from Spock's mouth to his pointed ears, "Just how well things can work out unexpectedly."

Spock raised an eyebrow but leaned into Jim's kisses.

"Indeed, Jim."
Tags: author: darkqueenmeg, kirk/spock, rating: pg
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