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Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: R ish
Summary: a drunk Jim tries to make a move on a sleeping Spock
Disclaimer: Yes I own Star Trek. I also own unicorns and fairies.

Though the hall was clearly lit, Jim's vision was blurred as he clumsily made his way towards his destination. He kept his hand stretched out towards the wall, bouncing himself along whenever he stumbled. He heard voices approaching and abruptly, and he hoped inconspicuously, propped himself against the wall, fumbled for his data pad and pretended to be looking over messages. The crew members nodded politely at him as they passed, and as soon as he believed they were out of sight, he continued on his way.

After what felt like hours, he finally reached a specific doorway and with more concentration than he could ever remember using before now, punched in the security code and quickly entered as the doors slid open. If Jim had found his vision lacking in the hallway, he found it completely absent now. The room upon entering was drenched in darkness and completely silent aside from the hum of the ship's systems continuously running life support applications. Again, Jim reached out and braced himself on the wall as he gave his eyes a few moments to adjust. Luckily he had been in this room before and remembered the set up, not hard to do as his own quarters were similar and the occupant of these particular quarters was not prone to extreme decoration or furniture re-arrangement.

Eventually, starlight gave him enough of a glow in the room for Jim to see his way to the bedroom door. He trudged forward, and quietly stumbled into the room as the next set of doors opened with a quiet swish. Starlight again revealed the contents of the room to him in a grey haze, and Jim could make out the bed and the general shape of a figure laying in it, breathing even and deep. Jim removed his boots, then his black t-shirt (he would wonder later what had become of his gold uniform shirt) and stopped to listen to the still regulated and deep breathing. When he heard no sudden movement or change in breathing pattern, he removed his pants and boxer-briefs, slowly lifted the comforter and as gently as he could manage in his state climbed in to bed.

At this point, he heard a quick intake of breath from his now awake bed mate and he froze. No other movement was heard, though the breathing increased. Jim slide closer, running his hand up a hard, cool to the touch naked thigh and was surprised when his traveling hand found a cool hard naked hipbone.

“I woulda expected som'un of yer blood type to sleep all bundled up” Jim mumbled against a pointed ear as he continued to stroke the hipbone, “you do feel awfully cold, maybe I should warm ya up?”

“Captain!” his bed mate protested as a cool hand removed Jim's wondering one, “This is entirely inappropriate behaviour for a superior officer. I suggest that you leave immediately.”

Normally, this may have deterred Jim, but currently it only amused him. Jim giggled as he untangled his hand and spread his fingers across the abdomen, running his hand up the torso and petted at the soft chest hair.

“Don' be such a prude, Spock! It's okay to misbehave once inna while!”

Jim threw a leg over tense legs and used his own hips to nudge Spock onto his back. Spock attempted again to remove the hand exploring his chest hair but was then distracted by the thigh that was pressing itself between his own.

“Captain! You must return to your own quarters. I do not know why-” Spock stopped as he leaned forward suddenly, inspecting Jim's face. Jim smiled and licked his lips as he prepared for a kiss but instead Spock sniffed once quickly, lowered his head back down and pushed Jim away gently.
“Your breath smells of alcohol. I conclude from this and your uncharacteristically aggressive sexual behaviour towards me that you are intoxicated.”

“Yeah, no shit. Seriously, you are a truly amazin' detective!” Jim said, leaning down in an attempt to kiss Spock, who's lips were pursed in a thin line of displeasure. Spock moved his head to the side to avoid the kiss, and Jim lost his balance and fell forward. His lips landed on Spock's neck where they soon began to lick and nip teasingly. Again Spock tried to push Jim off of him, trying to be cautious and not wanting to hurt his intoxicated captain.

“Captain!” Jim's make out session with his first officer's neck continued. Spock could feel the excessive warm dampness from Jim's attentions and wondered briefly if this was do to the state he was in, or if this was the sort of mess that accompanied human sexual relations.

“Jim! Stop!”

Finally, his aggressor obeyed, sitting up- after several failed attempts- on his knees between Spock's parted thighs. “What? What's a matter? Aren'tcha havin a good time?”

Jim ran his hands up the pale thighs and curved them down and around Spock's backside, grabbing his cheeks and pulling them onto his lap. As he rubbed his obvious arousal against Spock he moaned “ You'll have a good time Spock.” He leaned down, looking into Spock's startled eyes, “Don't worry, I'll make sure it's good for you.”

Spock sat up, causing his legs to bend around Jim. “This is not decent.”

Jim smirked leaning forward once again attempting to kiss Spock, “Well, I would never say anything about sex is 'decent' but that's why it's fun!”

Again, Spock turned his head away, and pressed a hand up to Jim's chest stopping him from coming closer. Jim sat back slightly, head tilted to the side and watched Spock, all signs of the previous smirk erased from his face. Spock kept his head turned away, refusing to make eye contact. Jim sighed and nodded.


He removed his hands from Spock and moved off the bed to gather his clothing. He began putting them on as quickly as he could managed, more clumsily than he had taken them off.

“Ok, look....I'm not sure whatta say.....I'm sorry.”

Spock merely nodded, keeping his head turned away while Jim redressed himself.

“I just thought-well I guess I was wrong. Sorry, I'm sorry. Really. I'm a fuckin' idiot.”

Jim stumbled as he tried to put on his boots and was forced to sit on the bed, with his back to Spock. If the lights had been on, it would be evident that he was bright red with embarrassment and shame.

“Listen, I've had a lot to drink-not that it's an excuse! I'm really sorry, Spock!”

Spock finally turned to look at his captain.

“Jim,” he said softly “It was inappropriate-”

“I'm sorry.”

“-but not unforgivable.....nor completely misguided.”

Though the room was silent, Spock could almost hear the wheels turning in Jim's head as he replayed the words in his head, then watched as his head shot up and he turned to look at Spock with realization clear in his eyes (had Spock been able to see them). They sat in silence for several moments, until Jim nodded then stood.

“Well.....I guess I should get to my own bed. Get some water. Get some sleep.”

“Yes, both appropriate courses of action in your condition,” Spock agreed.

“Right, well...” Jim fidgeted a moment in the doorway to Spock's bedroom, then smiled almost shyly, “I guess I'll see you in a couple of hours then. G'night!”

Spock listened as the captain quickly, but not quietly, rushed out of his quarters.

“Good night Jim.”
Tags: author: darkqueenmeg, kirk/spock, rating: r
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