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Josh, Being Human
darkqueenmeg wrote in simple_feeling
Title: Realization
Pairing: Spock/Uhura, eventual Kirk/Spock
Rating: very mild R
Summary: Spock's relationship with Kirk grows as his relationship with Uhura deteriorates
Disclaimer: If i owned Star Trek it would be a porno starring Kirk and Spock with only very minor appearances from everyone else.

One last hard thrust had Nyota arching her back and moaning his name as her inner muscles tightened aroud him. His body reacted in the way she expected it to. She lay motionless with eyes closed, breathing irregular and body covered in perspiration. He removed himself from between her thighs and gracefully moved beside her. It always took her much longer to recover from their activities and he lay patiently beside her, knowing how she liked him to stay close to her afterwards. Tonight, he did not have much time to indulge her as his shift was to start in less than 30 minutes and he needed to proceed with a much needed shower before hand. Luckily, it was not long before she had drifted off to sleep and he found it easy to slide out of her bed without disturbing her.

Spock returned to his own quarters and quickly but efficiently washed the effects of the evening off of himself. It was not that he washed himself of something distasteful, he had entered into a relationship with the one time cadet knowing full well of the implications and expectations that the human female would have of him. Participating in a sexual relationship with her was a natural part of such a commitment and it appeared to give her contentment and pleasure. He did find that the experiences were stimulating on a very basic level, though it was clear to him (and he believed unclear to her) that it was far more fulfilling to Nyota than to himself. He wished to keep her ignorant of this, as it would surely hurt her, and as he did care a great deal for her he had no wish to do so.

As always, Spock made his appearance on the bridge exactly on time and found Kirk slumped in his captain's chair. As he approached he could see that Kirk's eyes were partially closed and his head was leaning slightly back against the back of the chair. Clearly, this had been an uneventful shift for the young captain. Spock called his captain's name softly in order to relieve him, but he gave no response. Spock called him again, raising his voice and still received no reply. Spock reached out a hand to Kirk's shoulder to gently nudge him awake and though he was granted no verbal response Kirk shifted in his chair to rest his head against Spock's hand with a sigh. Dark brown eyes quickly glanced around the bridge to seek out any possible witnesses and found that all were either busy performing tasks or falling sleep themselves at their stations. He tried to pull his hand away, but the movement only caused a cheek to rub affectionately against it. The captain yawned, and rubbed his eyes, then lifted his head freeing the vulcan's hand. Sleepy blue eyes looked up at Spock and smiled.

“Oh hey, Spock. Shift over?” he smiled.

“Yes captain. You may retire to your quarters, I am here to relieve you.”

Jim laughed and stood stretching his arms above his head, “yeah 'relieve' me. Thank god! It was such a tough shift!”

Jim yawned again, then patted Spock's shoulder as he walked around the chair, leaving room for his first officer to sit, “All yours! I'm gonna go catch a couple hours of sleep. Chess later?”

“Certainly Captain, if you feel up to it.”

“Oh yeah, for sure. Just need a little bit of sleep. Got most of it during the shift! Absolutely nothing going on right now,” Jim replied heading for the lift.

Spock sat in the captain's chair and began searching for reports of the past shifts activities on the nearest comm padd. Before entering the lift, Jim turned back, “Oh and Spock, seriously, it's 'Jim'” he said beforing winking then disappearing as the doors shut.

Their weekly chess games had been a logical opportunity for the two one-time adversaries to connect. Being very different individuals with very different upbringing, their mutual interest in chess had been the only thing they had found that they had in common, as far as they could tell. Both men had understood that it was essential to their new commanding positions on the ship that they at the very least become civil with each other, but more importantly that they learn to become comfortable with each other, trust each other and learn to appreciate each other's strengths. When Jim had mentioned in an off hand remark about how there were some things in life he didn't need to cheat at-chess being one of them, Spock had practically jumped at the opportunity (as much as he might 'jump' at anything).

What had started as an awkward and mostly silent evening had become a more companionable evening that Spock found himself looking forward to each week. Over time, conversation between them had become less awkward and Spock was surprised at how intellectually stimulating it often was. He was even growing accustomed to Kirk's humour. He was also growing accustomed to the fact that 46.78% of the time Kirk won.

Currently, the captain sat relaxed on a couch, gold uniform shirt discarded, black t-shirt untucked and an alcoholic beverage in hand. In the beginning, Spock was always offered one of these drinks, which was always refused. Eventually, Kirk stopped asking and automatically brought his first officer herbal tea.

“Hmmmmm, what to do, what to do!” Kirk sighed, raking a hand through his short blonde hair as he considered his next move. He took a swig of his beer and wiped at his mouth with the back of his hand. Spock sat observing, patient as always.

Kirk moved his hand towards one piece then hesitated, his hand hovering over it momentarily before darting over to another and hovering. He finally picked up the piece, paused to eye Spock then made his move, setting the piece down triumphantly.

“Ok, take that!”

Spock tilted his head towards Kirk, eyebrow raised then made his next play calmly.

“I believe Captain, that this is 'checkmate'”

“Shit!” Kirk exclaimed good naturedly, “I really didn't see that set up! Damn, you are smooth!” Kirk stood, grabbed his empty bottle and entered the kitchette.

“Your tea ok? I'm gettin' another drink then it's round two! You won that one, so that means I have a decent chance of winning the next game!”

“The tea is acceptable. Your chances of winning the next game are low if you wish to have another drink. It is clearly affecting your ability to strategize,” Spock replied as he began to reorganize the pieces.

“Oh really? Trash talking me eh?” Kirk chuckled as he sat back down and removed the cap off of his new drink, “Let's see – I have a couple a'drinks just about every time we play, and I'd say I win half the time soooooooooo one might conclude that it can't affect me too negatively. Actually, it might be fair to say that I might win more than half the time if I didn't have any drinks! It might even be 'logical' to assume that I may be the more expert chess player!”

Spock could find nothing to say to Kirk's reasoning so he took a sip of his tea.

Kirk laughed at the lack of response and gently clinked the tip of his bottle with Spock's tea cup and winked.

“Alright, you go first. You'll see soon enough!”

Having come to the end of his shift, Spock knew he had agreed to meet Nyota at her quarters in 5 minutes. She was not overly demanding of his time but she did expect that the majority of his free time, when not spent sleeping or in meditation, should be spent with her. This was a logical assumption considering the nature of their relationship and Spock did find her presence agreeable. Nyota was an intelligent, independent and aestetically pleasing female who was capable of mentally stimulating conversation in a manner that Spock respected.

Tonight, Nyota had agreed, though reluctantly he had noticed, to play chess with Spock. It was an activity he enjoyed, and Nyota had made several remarks regarding the amount of time Spock spent playing the game with Jim, therefore he assumed it had meant she would appreciate it if he also involved her.

Their first attempt at chess was short lived. Nyota had complained of a headache 27 minutes in to the game. Their second attempt had lasted even less time, this time due to a sudden onset of hunger. The third time Spock had been the one to end it in order to allow Nyota to retire to bed, as it was clearly difficult for her to keep her eyes open. There was no fourth game. Spock accepted that this was on interest they would not be able to share, and Nyota ceased making comments about his chess games with Kirk.

Kirk leaned back on the couch, bored and exhausted. Once again, they were in his quarters but this time they were concentrating on reviewing various reports from Starfleet officials and ambassadors from various planets in preparation of a meeting to be conducted in 2 days time. Kirk knew it was a big deal, so many important cultures gathering together to discuss various issues but right now he just couldn't read any more. His eyes were straining and his neck and back hurt from being slouched over. He threw the datapad down suddenly, which startled his first officer who looked up to see him crack his own back then throw himself down violently back on the couch.

“Are you alright, Captain?”Spock inquired, setting down his own datapad on the table.

Kirk sighed and leaned his head back, turning to look at him, “I can't read anymore! We've been doing this for almost 3 hours! It's too much!”

“It is necessary for us to have reviewed these reports before arriving at Earth, though I suppose a short break would be benefitial.”

“Yeah yeah, I know. Break would be good, though. My eyes hurt and my neck and back are killing me! Don't you ever get stiff from sitting like that for hours?” Kirk moaned as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Currently, no. I have been sitting upright where as you-” laughtered interrupted Spock.

“Yeah, I slouch. I have bad posture. Sorry, mom!”

Kirk groaned as he stretched his back, turning from side to side and then rolling his shoulders to ease the tension.

“Perhaps you should contact Doctor McCoy in order to obtain some medical aid.”

“Nah, it's almost 2 a.m. I'd be waking him up and it's not that important. My own fault, really. I'll just have to suck it up like big boy.”

Spock considered for a moment then moved closer to the captain, who now had his head down resting in his hands. Spock reached a hand up to Kirk's neck and began to massage the tense muscle. Kirk immediately leaned into the touch, and sighed.

“Just a little lower.........yeah, perfect....”

Spock could feel him relax under his touch and decided to move his hands to Kirk's shoulders. The blonde turned on the couch so that he was facing away from Spock, giving him better access to his back. As Spock's hands moved gracefully yet firmly down his back, working the muscles Kirk moaned appreciatively.

“You've got magic hands, I swear! This feels amazing!” Kirk said, turning his head to make brief eye contact with Spock,”I hate to admit it but I may be able to do a couple hours more of reading now! Well, that or fall asleep!”

“The former was my intention,sir.”

Kirk chuckled loudly, “Sir? Spock, for shit sakes!I'm younger than you! And you are giving me a massage! I would feel far more comfortable if you called me 'Jim'! Calling people by their first names? It's kinda something friends do.”

“Yes sir.”

Kirk turned abruptly to glare at Spock, and looked into dark brown eyes. The small glint in them and the momentary twitch at the corner of the mouth assured him that Spock was teasing.

“Alright then First Officer, we'd better get back to these delightful reports!” he said as he adjusted his seating position and picked up his datapad. Kirk watched Spock out of the corner of his eye as he retrieved his own pad and resumed reading.

“Hey Spock?”

A slight head tilt was his only response.

“Thanks for the massage. I feel much better.”

Spock looked up and simply nodded his head, “Ofcourse, Jim.”

The shift had been routine. No major issues that couldn't be easily resolved in a matter of hours. After briefing the relieving bridge crew of the shift's activities, Spock headed towards his quarters to have a quiet evening of a quick meal and some meditation before retiring for the night. When he approached his quarters, he saw that Nyota was waiting for him at his door. She smiled at him and leaned up to kiss him quickly.

In his quarters, she made herself comfortable on the couch and beckoned him to sit with her and she asked him about his day, of which he did not have much to tell, and she filled him in on the events of hers. She had had the day off and had spent it with fellow crewmembers. As she summarized for him various conversations of her day, he sat quietly as she gently stroked the back of his neck with her fingers. He listened patiently, though he found the stories to be irrelevant. He felt slightly confused as to why she felt he would need to know these as they were mostly little anecdotes that she found humours.

When she had finished retelling her day, she leaned forward so she was pressed up against him, her hand on his thigh and the fingers that had been stroking the back of his neck were now making their way through his hair. It was clear to Spock that she wished to have sexual intercourse. Nyota nuzzled her face into his neck and began kissing gently. Spock remained still, debating whether or not it would be taken negatively that he had planned and preferred to use his evening for meditation as he had not been able to find the time to do so lately.

Nyota persisted, moving the hand on his thigh higher until she slid her hand up to cup him through his pants. She leaned back and looked up at him.

“Something wrong?”

“No, I am perfectly fine this evening.”

“Yeah but....” Nyota paused while she bit her lip and glanced down “Do you not want to....?”

Spock looked down to where her hand still remained and then back up at her.

“I had planned to use this evening for meditation, as we had not made any plans together, “ he admitted. Seeing the look of disappointment and rejection on her face he quickly added “But this change of plans would not be unwelcome.”

Nyota laughed bitterly, “Not 'unwelcome' but not exactly 'welcome' either, is it?”

“I do not know what you mean.”
Nyota removed her hand and stood up, hands on her hips facing Spock.

“You don't seem to ever want to.....”Nyota trailed off, turning away momentarily, “You don't spend as much time with me as you used to.”

“I apologize if this upsets you. I have needed to oversee more than usual. There have been many new-”

“When you do have free time, you usually spend it meditating, or going over reports and playing chess with the captain.”

She did not need to yell for Spock to know she was angry. He did not know how to proceed. He had tried to apologize for upsetting her, but he also knew that the issues were not likely to change. He had responsibilities now and they took priority.

“Spock, when you think about the future, what do you see? Where do you see yourself?” she asked, seating herself on the table in front of him.

“Nyota, that is an illogical question, as I have no way of knowing any events that many unfold-”

“Just.....pretend. For me. Close your eyes, imagine where you are 5 years from now, best case scenerio, no major changes in your life that are out of your control. Tell me where you see yourself.”

Spock sighed but did as she asked, even though he did not understand this new game of hers.

“I am on the Enterprise.”

“Ok, where on the ship?”

“I am on the bridge.”

“Ok, who's around you?”

“The captain, naturally.”

“Anyone else?”

“The crew I suppose.”

“Who's there?”

“I do not know. I am not attempting to visualize their identities. I suppose they would change depending upon the shift, as they do now.”

“So, what else? What else are you doing?”

“Well I would assume I would be going over reports, checking data, supervising-”

“No, I mean, what else is going on in your life? Who else do you see?”

“I am not sure what you are asking. I am visualizing the ship, the crew and the captain. What else is there?”

Nyota lowered her head into the palm of her hands for a moment and let out a loud sigh. Abruptly, she stood up and walked to the door.

“Listen, maybe I'll just go. You wanted to meditate and maybe I'm just tired. I'll see you during the shift tomorrow. 'Night.”

She left quickly, without a kiss good night.

A distress signal had been detected on an uncharted planet and the Enterprise had been on it's way before the official order had been sent. Arriving at the location and unable to achieve verbal communication from any centient being on the planet's surface left the captain excited and eager to investigate. Naturally, he had chosen himself to lead the away team to investigate, regardless of the advice from his first officer against it. Kirk had chosen Doctor McCoy to accompany him in case the signal had come from injured parties; 2 security officers as well as Lt. Uhura, since they had no idea the species and language of the lifeforms.

Communication had been steady and uneventful for the first 2 hours of the search. The planet consisted mainly of wild forests, plenty of animal life but as of yet no creature that would send out a distress signal. The team had wondered cautiously in to the depths of the forest, following the signal as best they could. Eventually, Kirk had contacted the ship to notify them of a cave like structure that had carved symbols around the entrance. Upon entering it, communication had been cut off. Spock remained calm. It was not unheard of for some substances to cause issues with their communicators and seeing as this was a previously unexplored planet (as far as they knew) it was possible that this was the reasoning for the distruption.

Once having realized this issue, Spock felt confident that Kirk would shortly turn back. Yet, an hour passed and still no word from the landing party. Half way through the second hour of no communication, an extremely brief message had come through, most of which was cut off. All that could be heard was Kirk yelling about being shot at. Several minutes later, another brief message that consisted of yelling and a female screaming.

Spock began pacing the bridge, arms behind his back and face betraying nothing. The other crew members on the bridge showed clear signs of fear and anxiety for their co-workers and friends. Everyone was silent, waiting for the next message. Hoping there would be one.

Suddenly, a message from the transporter room- “Commander, I've locked on to the away team. 4 living. Transporting up now!”

Spock shot up and quickly walked off of the bridge. Though it was illogical to think so, he felt as if the lift was taking approximately 4.3 times longer than usual to travel to the level he was heading. When it arrived, Spock ran to the room in time to see 4 forms materialize on the pad. A figure in gold was hunched over, kneelling on the ground over a figure in red.

Spock sprinted on to the transporter pad and grasped the gold figures arms roughly. The head shot up, and Spock looked in to startle blue eyes. The intense eye contact remained for several moments, before brown eyes travelled over the other's body, checking for injuries. When Spock seemed confident there were none, his grip eased up though he did not remove his hands.
“Spock,” Kirk whispered, “I'm fine!”

Spock looked up into Kirk's blue eyes again, and dipped his head closer and stopped when he was close enough to feel warm breath on his face.

“Um.....perhaps we should get him to sickbay?” the doctor urged, kneeling down to lift the wounded security officer. “He's not critical but he needs attention.”

The captain and first officer stood, still staring at each other. The female in red gave an annoyed huff.

“Well, I suppose I'll help you Doctor! Wouldn't want to interrupt this precious moment.”

Uhura bent down and placed the officer's arm around her shoulders and McCoy did the same. As they left the room heading to sickbay, she turned back briefly to see the vulcan rest his forehead gently against the captain's with a look of relief on his face, completely oblivious to the others around them.

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HA! Take THAT, Uhura!
Sorry, sorry, that was aggressive...
I like Uhura, I really do, but I really don't buy her and Spock as a couple. If the next movie contained a scenario along those lines, I'd be happy. :P
Nice fic!

thank you!

sorry it took so long to respond!

i'd be happy with that scenerio too! :D

Awww, this fic reminds me of driving back from Toronto in a late night rainstorm. Hahaha. More prompts and writing today!

Well done! I like it!

oh, also,

the vulcan rest his forehead gently against the captain's with a look of relief on his face

So cute :D

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