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Indecent Proposal 4/?

Title:Indecent Proposal part 4/?
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: R for language and sexual activity
Summary: Spock has a favour to ask Kirk.
Disclaimer: if I owned them, in STIX, Kirk and Spock would've never worn shirts and their pants would've been tighter.
Author's Note: Unbeta'd.....be kind:) there will be mistakes!

Jim ran his tongue up Spock's neck as he continued to cup Spock through his pants. He ran his finger tips up the fly of his first officer's pants and quickly snapped open the button at the top and unzipped them. Just as he was about to slip his hand inside Spock's underwear, a slender but firm hand grabbed his hand and stopped it.

Jim moved up so he was resting on his elbow and looked at Spock, who kept his eyes closed. His breathing was deep and heavy, perspiration was visible on his forehead as well as his chest. The hand remained on Jim's, neither moving it away nor letting it slide further down. The hand that Jim had been using to prop himself up moved to lightly stroke the soft black hair on the half vulcan's head, which was damp. Spock turned his face towards Jim and leaned into the touch, though his eyes remained closed.

“Spock, what's up? You alright?”

Dark eyes looked up at him, “Yes Jim, I am alright.”

“Ok, well how about you let me continue then? Seriously, you'll like it!” Jim whispered seductively in Spock's ear, then ran his mouth down his neck.

Spock sat up slightly, close enough to bring his mouth into contact with Jim's. A warm, wet tongue pushed its way into Jim's mouth and began wrestling with his. Jim felt a hand run along his spine and up into his hair, bringing his head closer. Soon the kiss became hard and fast, leaving them both gasping for breath. Spock suddenly pushed Jim away slightly and looked into his bright blue eyes, his own dilated from arousal. They stared at each other for a few moments before Jim raised an eyebrow in an unvoiced question.

“I believe it would be acceptable for you to continue now, Jim.”

The hand that had been holding Jim's in place at the fly of his pants was removed. Jim removed his hand as well and sat up, causing Spock to look slightly startled (quite a feat for a vulcan, was a mere raised eyebrow, but Jim could tell he was shocked and confused none the less).

“I dunno, maybe it's getting late. We should continue this another time......not sure when exactly.”

“But Jim, it is not that late and there are no issues that need to be immediately tended to in the morning.”

Jim tried not to smirk as he turned away and began adjusting his towel. He couldn't believe that Spock was practically begging him to continue. Jim had to rearrange his towel several times due to the physical evidence that he was more than ready to continue the 'lesson' himself. He wanted to hide this fact from Spock, the 'begging' was just too damn arousing.

“Yeah, well those reports might be ready tomorrow and we really should get on top of those first thing and get them out of the way.”


“As much fun as they will be to read, I'd rather take care of them now then have to deal with them later when we have more interesting things to get in to.”

“Jim, I really believe this is the optimal time t-”

Jim threw Spock's shirts at him, which hit Spock in the chest. Spock sat up, shirts in hand and stared at them confused. He then let out a small sigh of defeat and began to sort out his shirts in order to redressed himself.

“You are the teacher. If you feel it is not the appropriate time to continue the lesson plan, that is your call to make. I will see you first thing in the morning to go over the rep-”

Jim crawled on top of Spock, throwing the shirts on the ground once again and hooked his fingers into the belt loops of his uniform pants and pulled them down hard. He sat up and whipped them off of Spock's legs, leaving his first officer with eyes and mouth wide open. Jim ran his hands firmly up the slender calves and thighs, dipped his fingers under the band of the starfleet regulated undergarment and yanked them down as well, throwing them to join the shirts. Jim sat back and looked at Spock. Every single inch of Spock. Oh yes, Spock was very eager to continue this lesson! For an unemotional vulcan, he was sporting a rather impressive erection. Repressed sexuality his ass!

Spock looked up at Jim, clearly waiting for him to continue. He did not try to hide his nudity, which surprised Jim. He was laying on his back, practically spread eagle, completely naked for the first time in front of a sexual partner (his only sexual partner), completely vulnerable. He would've expected, given Spock's cultural upbringing, that he would feel embarrassment, or perhaps shame at this particular 'emotional base human weakness'. Clearly, in this moment, Spock was allowing his human side to take control. Or maybe it was his vulcan side that stopped him from feeling embarrassment. Whatever the reasoning, Jim found it extremely arousing to have his virgin first officer on display before him, eagerly awaiting his next move.

It wasn't until said first officer spoke his name that he realized he had been staring for quite some time. Jim winked at Spock as he ran his hands slowly back up the slender legs and crawled between them. He laid down on top of Spock and couldn't help the moan that escaped as he felt their skin touch all along their bodies. Jim slid his arms under Spock, snaking one up so he could lightly cup and stroke his face while the other wrapped around his waist to pull their bodies closer together. They kissed, alternating between stroking each other's tongues and nibbling on lips, while Jim began gently rocking his hips against Spock's, causing their erections to slide together. Jim was pleasantly surprised when he felt hands run down his back and grip his ass, pressing him harder into him. Spock then broke the kiss and moaned. Loudly.

Jim slide off of Spock, laying himself beside him. He ran his hand from his face, down his neck, along his shoulders and into his chest hair. He tugged lightly, remembering how Spock had enjoyed it not that long ago. As he ran his hands along Spock's chest, he lightly grazed a nipple. Spock made a soft, quiet sound in the back of his throat which Jim knew meant he was sensitive to that area and dipped his head down to run his tongue lightly around it. Jim could clearly hear that Spock's breathing had increased, and as he continued licking he ran his hand along the fine trail of hair that led from chest to erection.

Wrapping his hand around Spock's dick, Jim began rubbing it gently, so as to not shock him too much with this new sensation. Jim wasn't sure if masturbating was something that Spock participated in, so he figured he'd better ease him into this gently. The muscles all over Spock's body tensed and he lay prone on the couch as Jim slowly worked him. He lifted his head away from Spock's chest and watched the erection when pre-cum continued to leak out of it as Jim increased the pressure and pace of the stroking.

One of Spock's hands was clawing at Jim's back, and continued to do so as Jim rotated his hand on him, with varying speeds and pressures. Jim loved how warm and firm Spock felt in his hand and he sat up to sit in between Spock's spread legs so he could stroke himself while he touched Spock. Spock sat up on his forearms and watched Jim multitask, an activity he must have appreciated. Most efficient!

Jim reached down to cup and massage his own balls and after a few secs of allowing Spock to watch, he did the same to Spock with his other hand. Spock quickly dropped his head back down to the couch and rolled his hips uncontrollably. He spread his legs further apart, as his arms moved up and almost covered his face, his hands grabbing desperately at the arm of the couch.

Jim stopped touching himself and reach his finger down to wipe at the fresh drop of pre-cum forming at the head of Spock's erection. As he licked it off of his finger he heard a gasp and realized that Spock had been watching him. Jim suddenly had an urge to taste Spock, all of him. He hadn't been planning on it, seemed a bit too much, too soon for Spock. He wasn't sure he was ready for this, but the urge was suddenly too strong. Eyes never leaving Spock's, Jim lowered his head to his erection licked the new drop of pre-cum directly from it. As expected this caused a deep groan from the recipiant, and Spock's head dropped back down once more to the couch.

Jim opened his mouth and took Spock in fully, sucking hard and fast. In the back of his mind he could hear a voice telling him to go slow and be gentle! Draw it out longer, let Spock really enjoy it, tease him! Make him beg! But he ignored the voice, sucking the cock down hard until he could feel it hit the back of his throat. Luckily, Jim had learned to suppress his gag reflex long ago. Spock was now thrusting wildly into Jim's mouth, his hips lifting right off of the bed and moaned louder than Jim had heard from him before.

Jim used his free arm to hold down Spock's hips, keeping them pinned to the bed as he released Spock's erection from his mouth and licked down it and to his balls. Much more gently, Jim took one than the other ball into his mouth, sucking softly on each. He ran his tongue around them several times. A pair of hands appeared at Jim's head and ran their fingers through Jim's blonde locks erratically. Jim licked his way back up to Spock's erection, and wrapped his hand around the base, pumping it as he sucked on the head.

As Jim began pumping and sucking hard once more, he was not able to hold Spock's hips down and they began thrusting up to meet Jim's mouth. Spock was moaning once more, an almost pained sound, until suddenly his back arched violently, hands clawed almost painfully at his head and Jim finally had the full taste of Spock filling his mouth. He swallowed it all down and continued to gently suck Spock through his orgasm. When he knew that Spock had finished, he released his sated cock and climbed up his sweat soaked body and rested his chin on Spock's chest.

“Sorry, I'd've normally taken that more slowly but there's something about you that made it hard to control myself.”

Spock opened his eyes and opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.

“Yeah? Whatcha thinking?” Jim winced at the lameness of the question, but figured that Spock most likely wouldn't realize how 'girly' that sounded.

“What.....What was the name of that activity?” Spock asked, breathing almost back to normal.

“What activity?” Jim responded, purposefully being oblivious.

“The activity....that you performed with your mouth?”

“I performed lots of activities with my mouth, can you be more specific?”

Spock's eyebrows knitted together for a moment, catching on to Kirk's intent.

“You know very well of which activity I speak of.”

“Oh! You mean the one where I put your cock in my mouth and sucked you off until you came?” Jim answered casually,running a finger lightly along Spock's full bottom lip, “that's called a blow job. Oral sex. Fellatio. Whatever your scientific mind wants to call it.”

“It is rather unhygienic.”

Jim barked out a laugh, “Unhygienic huh? Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of a guy complain that getting sucked off was 'unhygienic'! Ok, so Spock isn't comfortable with getting blow jobs, I'll keep that in mind!” Jim said as he rolled off of Spock, feeling friction as their sweat sticky bodies unglued themselves.

“I did not mean to imply that I did not find the activity desirable. I simply meant to state that considering the other functions of that particular part of the anatomy, placing your mouth there seems-”

“So you did like it?”

“Well, I mean to say that-”

“You liked it! Oh, I know you did! I could taste how much you liked it!” and with that Jim leaned down to dive his tongue into Spock's mouth, letting him taste the remnants of himself in Kirk's mouth. They kissed for several minutes until Jim had to pull away to yawn.

“Ok, now it's getting late. I think it's time for bed!” Jim said, standing up and not even bothering to redress himself in the towel. What was the point? They'd just seen about every part of each other anyway. Well, maybe not EVERY part. Yet.

Jim looked over at Spock, who was attempting to sit up though seemed to be having some trouble. Jim smiled to himself. He had done good! The poor guy could barely look after himself in the wake of his first blow job.

“You could stay here tonight....if you want? I don't think it's very fair of me to kick you out when I've worn you out so completely.”

“I am fine Jim, I can make it back to my quarters. It would not be appropriate for me to stay, as it could get around to the crew-”

“First of all, You are fine yes, but you are exhausted from our activities. Where is the logic of you having to get dressed and stumble your way back to your quarters when I have a bed big enough for the both of us just 10 feet away? Second of all, the crew seeing you head back to your quarters at this time of night looking all disheveled is what would start them talking. Third of all, just come in here already! I'm too tired to debated you on this!”

Shockingly enough, Spock did follow Jim into his bedroom. He made no attempt to redress himself and lay down in bed naked beside Jim. Jim turned off the light and rolled over to face Spock.

“Sleep time now. Big day of reading boring reports tomorrow!”

Spock was about to respond that the reports summarized very important information that they should take great care in reviewing, but before he could he heard snoring coming from the other side of the bed. Spock sighed and shut his eyes.
Tags: author: darkqueenmeg, kirk/spock, rating: r
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