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Fic: It Has Nothing to Do With Duty

Title: It Has Nothing To Do With Duty
Rating: R
Pairing: Kirk/Mirror!Spock (PG), Kirk/Spock (R), allusions to Mirror!Kirk/Mirror!Spock
Word Count: 2300+
Disclaimer: They're not mine, unfortunately.
Author's Note: Inspired by the TOS episode Mirror,Mirror.

Summary: Trapped in a parallel world, Kirk recognizes some similarities between his Spock and Mirror!Spock. Mirror!Spock begins to realize that this Kirk is not the Captain he knows.

James T. Kirk glanced around the current quarters, so different from his own. His eyes adjusting to the dimly lit room, he examined the objects around him. A familiar whistle rang in his ears and he eased himself slowly into a chair before flicking the switch on the intercom.

“Kirk here.”

“Mister Spock, Captain.”

Kirk listened intently as this parallel universe Spock informed him of a recent private communication he had received. The Vulcan had been ordered to kill Kirk and assume command of the Enterprise if they failed to complete their current mission –annihilation of the Halkans– within four hours.

Kirk smiled to himself as he ended their communication. He knew Mister Spock was committing a breach of regulation by informing him, but clearly Spock's tendency towards logic and decency had influenced his decision to give Kirk fair warning. Despite the obvious death sentence he was facing at the hands of the Vulcan, Kirk felt a sense of admiration – clearly this Mister Spock bore some resemblance to his own Spock.

Contacting Bones and Scotty over his communicator, Kirk encouraged them to continue their attempt at establishing a connection to their own Enterprise. Not wishing to distract them with four-hour deadlines and death threats, Kirk decided to keep his newly acquired information to himself.

Leaning back in his chair, with his boots up on the desk, Kirk was attempting to enjoy a drink when a buzz came from the door to his quarters.

Lowering his right hand to his dagger, Kirk pressed a button which unlocked the door, “Enter!”

The doors slid open to reveal Mister Spock flanked by two of Kirk's security men.

Raising his fist and palm in salute, Kirk instructed the security men to grant Spock free access to the room, “back to your posts, gentlemen. Enter, Mister Spock.”

The security guards returned to their positions directly outside his quarters, and the doors slid shut. His right hand moving away from his dagger, Kirk said nothing. The purpose of this visit was unclear, but Kirk had just under four hours left until his death sentence should be carried out, and he fully expected this alternate Spock to honour the terms of the agreement.

Spock crossed the room slowly. He reached for his dagger, removed it, and set it on the desk.

Untying his sash, and reaching up to unbutton his coat, Spock finally spoke, “Captain, I was hoping we could use this time to discuss our current situation. Understand, I do not wish to kill you.”

Kirk was silent, as Spock continued, “As you are well-aware, I prefer my duties as science officer. I do not desire command of the Enterprise.”

Spock removed his coat and placed it on the back of a chair, before discarding his boots.

Bewildered, and mildly intrigued, Kirk remained quiet.

“I have found you to be an excellent Captain,” this alternate Spock said, removing his black shirt to reveal a thin but toned torso. Kirk noted that the pale greenish skin was identical to that of his own Mister Spock.

Finally he spoke, “Mister Spock, I--”

The bearded Spock interrupted, “I hope you will reconsider your position, Captain. With your history of murder and destruction, it is illogical to spare the lives of the Halkans and accept your own assassination.”

As he spoke, Spock continued removing his garments until he was completely naked. Acting as if the current circumstances were completely normal, Spock continued to plead with Kirk as he turned away, placed his hands against the wall, and spread his feet apart.

“If you will simply agree to destroy the Halkans, you will maintain your position as Captain, and I will maintain my position as your first officer. You will live, and we will both be content in our positions. Do you not see the logic in this scenario?”

Standing in a position of obvious submission, Spock was finally silent.

Kirk stared at the back of Spock's naked body in confusion.

“M-Mister Spock,” he finally stuttered. “I demand you explain what you're doing.”

The Vulcan turned his head and looked at Kirk with a questioning gaze.

“Captain, I am merely following your orders.

Kirk's brow furrowed. “My orders?”

Spock turned his head back to face the wall, before responding, “Yes Captain. As you are still in command for another four hours, I am willing to make myself available to you one last time.”

Rising to his feet, Kirk slowly made his way over to where Spock stood and placed his hand on his first officer's shoulder.

“Mister Spock, please,” he began, as he eased Spock away from the wall.

Spock's body tensed as he allowed himself to be pulled upright. He turned to face Kirk, and stared at him expectantly.

Kirk continued, “I'm not sure what is happening here, but these are not my orders.”

The bearded Spock raised an eyebrow as he stared at Kirk.

“If you will permit me, Captain,” Spock said, apprehensively. “I must say, I find your behaviour to be confusing and inexplicable.”

In response, Kirk found himself unable to do anything but laugh. Perplexed by his Captain's laughter, Spock used this opportunity to rush at Kirk and pin him against a wall. Holding Kirk still with his right hand, Spock raised his left hand up to his Captain's face.

Realizing too late that he had let his guard down, Kirk knew it was pointless to struggle – being fully aware of Vulcan strength, especially Spock's.

Kirk braced himself for the mind meld.

“Our minds are merging,” Spock whispered. “Our minds are one.”

Spock stared into Kirk's eyes as he attempted to reach the innermost corners of Kirk's mind. He was able to see an Enterprise which was not his own. He saw men, many now murdered in his world, working and living happily. He even caught a glimpse of himself, clean-shaven, and clad in a different uniform. There were other visions as well, including several that Kirk was attempting to withhold – smiles, closeness, stolen moments. He knew they involved himself, or a version of himself, but just as he was able to catch a glimpse they would disappear. It was as if Kirk were closing them behind doors.

Removing his hand from Kirk's face, Spock continued to stare into his eyes, attempting to regain a sense of composure and control.

“You are James T. Kirk,” he finally said. “However, you are not my Captain.”

Kirk nodded in agreement, “You're correct, Mister Spock.”

The two men stared at each other as Spock slowly eased his grip on Jim's arm.

“You were able to hide memories from me,” Spock stated. “As first officer of this ship, I demand you explain how you were able to resist a Vulcan mind meld.”

Kirk smirked at him. “You taught me.”

Spock stared at Kirk, wide-eyed, flashing that familiar raised-eyebrow at him.

“Well, not you.” Kirk continued. “But, my Mister Spock.”

“I fail to understand why I-- Why your version of me would teach you such a thing.” Spock said, his voice beginning to rise.

Kirk laughed again, “it was just something he thought I should know. As a means of protection.”

Spock shook his head, clearly perplexed, “as a means of protection? Why would he teach you how to keep secrets from himself? It is highly illogical!”

Kirk's laughter stopped, “it wasn't intended as a means of keeping secrets from him, but from others. Just in case.”

Kirk paused, before slowly continuing, “Mister Spock –my Mister Spock– and I have no secrets. I trust him with my life.”

Finally easing his grip completely, the alternate Spock took a few steps back from Kirk and stood –still naked– with his hands clasped behind his back.

“In some ways you remind me of him,” Kirk said quietly.

“Obviously,” Spock stated. “We are nearly identical in appearance.”

Glancing at Spock's goatee, Kirk smiled, “yes, you look alike. But it's clear you're alike in other ways as well.”

Raising his eyebrow again, the Vulcan waited for further explanation of Kirk's statement.

“You had the decency to warn me about the assassination order,” Kirk began. “That's something the other Mister Spock would have done as well. Though, I must add, assassinations are illegal in my world. Where I come from, people earn their positions through hard work and achievement.”

Spock nodded slowly, “that seems logical, however impractical it may be.”

“Yes, your logic, another example.” Kirk laughed, before continuing, “your loyalty is also apparent. That's a quality I admire in my Vulcan friend.”

The alternate Spock looked at him carefully for a moment, before speaking.

“As first officer, and current acting-Captain of this ship, I am able to simply demand answers from you. However, instead, I would like to ask you a few questions. A conversation, if you will.”

Appreciating this gesture of respect, Kirk nodded, “please feel free, Mister Spock.”

The Vulcan questioned Jim about the memories he had glimpsed, wishing to know more about the nature of Kirk's relationship with his own Spock. Kirk attempted to explain. They were co-workers, of course. But they were also more -- friends, like brothers, even lovers.

“Lovers?” Spock asked, quite seriously. “I assume this is part of his duty as your first officer?”

Shaking his head, Kirk furrowed his brow and stared at Spock.

“No,” he stated, quite emphatically. “It has nothing to do with duty. We are lovers because we want to be.”

Spock remained quiet for several minutes, seeming to ponder this statement.

Finally the Vulcan spoke, “If you will permit me, I am curious to know how you interact with this other Spock.”

For Kirk, it took a moment for the request to sink in. This alternate Spock was wondering what it was like to love and be loved. To be something more than just an officer fulfilling a duty to his Captain. Recognizing so much of his own Spock within this alternate Spock, Kirk suddenly felt extremely sorry for the Vulcan – to be driven by logic and decency, while trapped in a world of violence and chaos.

Taking a few steps towards him, Kirk reached out to the alternate Spock. Grasping his hand, and raising it back up to his face, Kirk encouraged Spock to mind meld with him again.

Spock gasped as he took in the memory Kirk had opened up for him.

He could see himself, or, the other Spock, naked on a bed in unfamiliar quarters. He could see Kirk approach, joining him.

He watched them kiss, and touch. Eyes locked on each other, fingers and bodies entwined.

He could hear the panting of breath, and the soft moan as Kirk entered this other Spock. He watched as Kirk brought both of Spock's hands up to his lips, kissing the palms and taking each individual finger into his mouth.

He recognized the sense of lust as their pace quickened, Kirk's erection moving in and out of Spock's body, but he also saw something else that was unfamiliar to him. Kirk and this other Spock seemed to move together as one, holding each other, touching each other, their eyes never leaving the other's face. There seemed to be an unseen connection there, more than a mind meld, and he almost felt a sense of envy as he witnessed it.

He continued watching as they both reached orgasm. Kirk climaxing first, releasing himself inside the other Spock. Spock, almost immediately after, rambling incoherently as he climaxed.

Listening closely, he was able to identify the whispered words pouring from the other Spock's mouth.

“Jim.. my T'hy'la.. Jim..” Over and over, Spock panted the words as he rode out the waves of his orgasm.

Breaking himself from the mind meld, the alternate Spock turned away from Kirk, and moved quickly to the other side of the quarters. Eyes wide, he finally spoke.

“He calls you T'hy'la,” Spock stated, with as much surprise as a Vulcan is able to convey.

“Yes,” Kirk replied.

Spock remained quiet for a moment, before continuing, “he calls you Jim.”

Kirk nodded.

“I do not call my Captain by his name.” Spock said simply, clearly fascinated by the casualness of the relationship this Kirk had with his own Spock.

“I have never experienced such a bond with my Captain,” Spock stated. “My physical relationship with him was born out of order and duty.”

Kirk frowned, remembering the submissive position the bearded Spock had assumed earlier. “It's unfortunate that your Captain Kirk is such an unfeeling man,” he said quietly.

Kirk couldn't deny the sense of guilt he felt, despite the fact that he had no control over this alternate version of himself. Eyes moving to the discarded clothes on the chair, Kirk picked them up and brought them over to Spock.

“It is unfortunate, indeed,” Spock replied, taking the clothes from Kirk. “Yet, it would be illogical to dwell further.”

Kirk diverted his eyes as the alternate Spock began dressing himself.

“When I am fully clothed, you will accompany me to the transporter room,” Spock commanded.

Kirk looked at him questioningly.

“I will operate the transporter so you may return to your universe,” he continued.

“I must return you to your Spock.”
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