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Indecent Proposal 3/?

Title:Indecent Proposal part 3/?
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: R for language and sexual activity
Summary: Spock has a favour to ask Kirk.
Disclaimer: if I owned them, in STIX, Kirk and Spock would've never worn shirts and their pants would've been tighter.
Author's Note: Unbeta'd.....be kind :) there will be mistakes!

Nothing in the universe made Jim more cranky and more exhausted then having to deal with loud, abrasive Klingons and overly serious and annoyingly quiet Vulcans for an evening without a break. That was a fantasy in comparison to the past 4 days they had spent chauffeuring several Eath delegates back and forth between the two planets and then finally back home. Jim understood that it was necessary to have an unbiased mediator to negotiate their way through the tensions between the two vastly different races, but he didn't understand why his ship had to be their ride. Did they not have more important things to do with their time? Explore new life and new civilizations and yadda yadda yadda? Just when he was starting to feel like a responsible, respected starship captain, jobs like this came along to make him feel like a glorified taxi driver.

Jim grumpily stomped his way to the turbolift with the full intention of taking a nice long hot shower, maybe knocking back a drink or two and then heading to bed. After the doors had shut and he had instructed which deck his quarters were located on, Jim had whipped off his yellow long-sleeved shirt and un-tucked his black t-shirt from his uniform pants. His tension filled body was beginning to perspire under the stress and he used the bottom hem of the shirt to wipe off his forehead. Jim could feel the sudden cool breeze of the doors as they opened and Spock entered. The vulcan nodded wordlessly and took a spot beside Jim.

“Hey Spock, long couple of days huh? I can't wait to get back to the usual, how 'bout you?”

“The last several days were very beneficial in resolving tensions between the Klingon and remaining Vulcan populations. They were very productive and it was necessary for the Enterprise to aid in transportation, as it was the only starship not currently undergoing repairs,” Spock replied in his usual almost indifferent tone.

Jim sighed, “Yeah, yeah I know. But it wasn't the most exciting times we've had lately. I just wanna get back on track with the mission, not this chauffeuring crap.”

Spock briefly raised his eyebrows, not so much in agreement as acknowledgment of Jim's statement. The doors to the lift opened and both men walked out, and continued to walk side by side heading towards their quarters. They came across Spock's quarters first and Spock turned to nod briefly at his captain.

“Listen, Spock, what are you up to night?” Jim asked suddenly, not totally sure where he was going with this.

Spock turned to face Jim, paused, “I had planned to go over the summaries of the meetings that took place during the last few days and meditate before retiring for the evening. Why Captain? Was there something else that need to be taken care of?”

Wiped his suddenly sweaty again forehead with his yellow shirt, “No no, nothing like that. I was just wondering if you wanted to continue-”Jim paused as two chatting crewmen walked by, nodding at their superiors as they passed “-our lesson plan tonight?” he continued in a voice that was almost a whisper.

Spock regarded him for a moment. Jim felt like the temperature level in the hall had jumped and he was itching to remove his t-shirt. He could hear his shower calling his name and he was really hoping that Spock would hurry up and let him know what the plan was.

“Ok, well if you are up for it just stop by my quarters later. I'm just gonna go have a shower and a drink, so I'll be around. Have a 'productive' evening otherwise!” Jim said as he practically sprinted off to his own room.

The jog wasn't far and Jim ran into his shower. He took what was no doubt the longest cold shower he had ever taken, longer than he ever imagined he could possibly tolerate. When he finally felt himself cool down enough, he turned the temperature up and let the warm pressure of the water massage his tense shoulder and neck muscles. Jim began to help the water, and added his finger tips in the massage and gradually worked the kinks out of his neck. Jim ran his hand down his chest and stomach and began to ease his tensions from the last few days by massaging a different muscle. He stroked himself slowly, leaning his head back into the spray of water. He worked his cock, stroking it faster from base to tip, reaching his other hand down to tug lightly at his balls. As he felt himself get closer to cumming, he had to lean back completely against the wall, his legs starting to get weaker. He moaned as he tugged harder on himself and just as he was about to spill over himself the door to his quarters chimed.

Annoyed, Jim quickly grabbed a towel after turning off the shower and wrapped it around his waste, the towel just a bit too small to wrap around him fully, causing his right upper thigh and down to show. Jim hurried to the door, dripping water on the floor as he did. Jim found Spock greeting him when the door opened. His eyes went wide briefly as he observed Jim's current state.

“Oh hey Spock, what's up?” Jim greeted, feeling slightly less annoyed now that he knew it was Spock interrupting him. Hopefully, whatever Spock wanted wouldn't take too long and he could get right back to jerking it in the shower.

“I have decided that this evening is an appropriate time to accept your offer. The reports on the meetings are unfinished and therefore do not require my attention this evening. Is this an acceptable time?”

“Oh sure, yeah of course! Sorry, I didn't think you were going to come but yeah, definitely,” Kirk quickly agreed, trying to adjust his towel and nearly dropping it. Spock's gaze fixed on some view outside the window as his ears began to flush a slight green. “Come on in! I just need to get dressed, just be a minute.”

Spock entered, walked towards the living room area and sat on a couch. “Depending upon the activity in the lesson, you may not need to dress yourself?”

Jim paused in the entrance to his bedroom shocked, “Oh well, I suppose that could be true....I hadn't really thought that far ahead.”

“You have not yet decided what the next lesson will involve?” Spock asked in what appeared to be shock, “Perhaps this is a bad time to continue this then. We should not continue this until you have though out and organized a lesson plan.” Spock stood up and made his way to the door.

“Wait, wait, wait! Seriously, I don't need a 'lesson plan' for this!” Jim laughed. “You don't 'plan' all the details of sex, you know. You just sort of, I don't know, feel your way through it?”

Jim walked over to Spock, put his arm around his shoulders and ushered him back towards the couch. “I mean, I have a general plan. We did the kissing thing, so next on the agenda is foreplay. Just come on and sit down.”

Jim and Spock sat on the couch, Jim keeping his one arm around Spock's shoulders. They sat quietly for a moment, Spock staring straight ahead, body prone though his head tilted towards Jim. Jim leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Spock's neck, “Relax Spock, I thought you wanted these lessons hmmm?”

Spock turned his face towards Jim and kissed him. He gently wrapped his arms around him, pressing himself up against Jim's chest. Spock opened his mouth and ran his tongue lightly along Jim's lips. Jim smiled, “Ah good, so you remember the last lesson.”

Jim opened his mouth and darted his tongue out to meet Spock's, running a hand up the back of his head, pulling him closer. His hand played with the short soft hair at the base of Spock's head, while his other hand moved lower, pressing on Spock's lower back. Before Jim knew it, Spock had pushed him forward onto his back, laying himself between his legs. They continued to kiss, as Spock reached a hand tentatively up to Jim's face, splaying his fingers across his cheek. He used his thumb to guide Jim's face to the side and ran his tongue along his cheek, to his ear to suck on his lobe.

“Yeah, yeah, s'good.....you're a fast learner, huh Spock?” Jim practically moaned, as Spock's thumb gently outlined his full pink lips. Spock's response was to nip lightly along Jim's neck.

“Oh fuck!” Jim moaned biting down on Spock's thumb.

Spock moved back slightly with a gasp, staring down at Jim's mouth, which had now taken Spock's thumb in, sucking and biting on it. Spock's breathing, though quiet, was increasing and his arms, which had been hold him up were shaking slightly. Jim used this surprising lack of control on Spock's part to quickly flip them so that he was now laying on top of Spock, straddling his upper thighs.

Spock's eyes opened in surprise, and his gazed lowered from Jim's face down his chest. Two slender hands reached up, finger tips running along Jim's torso barely touching. Jim grabbed Spock's hands and pressed them against himself, running them over his chest .

“Yeah, go on. Touch me.” Jim said, head thrown back slightly but locking eyes with Spock.

“Where should I touch you Jim? Where is the appropriate place to touch?” Spock asked intensely.

Jim looked down at Spock's hands resting on his pecs and then realized that his towel had fallen off of his hips completely. Jim was never one to be ashamed of his own nudity and did not bother to adjust it. Instead, he ran Spock's hands down his flat stomach, feeling blunt nails scratch his skin. Jim guided a hand lower, through his pubic hair and down to his erection. Spock's eyes followed the actions, as Jim wrapped Spock's hand around his cock.

“Touch me here, Spock.”

Jim kept his hand over Spock's as he began to show Spock how to stroke him. He kept the pace slow, allowing for time for Spock to observe. He could feel Spock's grip tighten on his cock, squeezing gently, as if testing the weight and texture of it. Jim let go of Spock's hand, which stilled at the loss.

“No! Keep going!” Jim ordered as he began to thrust his hips in to Spock's grip. Spock continued to stroke Jim, adjusting the placement of his hand, the speed and the grip. Jim couldn't help but smirk as the scientist in Spock took over, testing out Jim's reactions to the changes. Jim leaned forward, ran his tongue up Spock's neck and plunged it into his mouth forcefully. Spock lifted his head, meeting Jim in a hungry kiss. Jim grabbed Spock's other hand and brought it to his mouth, breaking the kiss and taking the index finger into his mouth and sucking hard.

Spock gasped and Jim could feel his hips thrust forward,brushing against his unattended balls, giving him an idea. Jim sat back again and place Spock's hand under his cock.

“There, touch me there too!”

Spock cupped his balls and squeezed, just a little too tightly.

“Oh! Not so tight! Gentle!”

Spock looked up at Jim, alarmed, “It's ok....keep going....just....careful.”

Jim reached down again, placing his hand over Spock's, showing him how to gently roll his balls between his fingers, and tug softly. Jim looked down at Spock, who was staring intently at his cock and balls, watching his own hands touching and testing. He knew this was a bit of an experiment for Spock, and educational experience but it still excited him, clearly! He always enjoyed sex, but being so intently stared at and explored was highly erotic to Jim. He was being studied,memorized and it was making him so hard, so hot. He couldn't believe he was straddling his vulcan first officer's lap naked, while said first officer remained fully clothed. He was completely vulnerable and this realization made me moan loudly.

“Faster Spock, oh god..... I'm gonna cum soon!” He said, running his own hands down his sweat soaked chest.

“Cum?” Spock asked, “Explain.”

“Oh fuck” Jim said, pushing Spock's blue shirt up his chest and becoming frustrated as he fumbled to untuck the black t-shirt from Spock's black pants. The fact that he was straddling his waist made the task more difficult but he didn't want to move away, not wanting to move out of Spock's reach even for a moment. Finally, he got the shirt un-tucked and that too was pushed up.

“You'll see what I mean soon enough,” Jim panted, “Take your shirts off.”

“I do not see why-” Spock began.

“Just take your fucking shirts off Spock! Now!” Jim said pulling on them, practically ripping them off of the vulcan himself. Spock removed his hands long enough to remove his shirts and he held them awkwardly, trying to find a place to set them. Jim grabbed them and threw them across the room, grabbed Spock's hands. He placed one roughly back on his aching cock, precum leaking out and onto both of their hands, and the other he brought around to grab his ass, forcing his hand over Spock's and making him squeeze.

Jim let go of Spock's hands but thrusted into them,continuing to moan loudly as he felt his orgasm approach. He looked down at Spock, realizing that this was the first time he had ever seen Spock with out his shirt. Jim reached out and ran his hands through the soft hair on Spock's chest, so unexpected but also so very arousing! Jim tugged on it softly, “Does that feel good?”

The only response was that Spock rolled his head back slightly, his mouth forming an 'O'. Jim ran his finger tips down to Spock's flat and slender stomach, tracing the thin path of hair from his chest that ran down and under the hem of his pants. Through the black pants, Jim could see the outline of Spock's erection. Holy shit, Spock was hard! Spock was getting off on all of this just as much as Jim, he could see that there was a damp mark where precum was leaking through. Jim ran his hand down and grabbed tightly to Spock's clothed erection, causing Spock to groaned louder than he'd heard from him before, and this in effect caused Jim to climax with a yell that sounded oddly like his first officer's name, spilling his cum all over Spock's hands, stomach and chest. Spock continued to stroke Jim, clearly unaware at how sensitive his cock was now and he fell forward onto Spock still spasming, rubbing his cum in to both of them.

They both lay in silence, except for Jim's heavy breathing, for several minutes. Spock's hands was still trapped between them, still clasping Jim as he began to soften. Jim sat up slightly, allowing Spock to free himself, observing that Spock was still aroused. Jim smiled a dopey grin, still feeling the effects of his orgasm, enjoying the afterglow. He looked up at Spock and winked.

“Ok, I may need a couple of minutes before we continue this lesson plan.”

“Continue? There is more?”

“Oh yeah, that was just part A of this lesson! I showed you how to touch me, with your hands anyway. Part B is that now I show you how it feels to be touched.”

Jim moved a hand down to cup Spock through his damp pants.

“Don't worry, I suspect you're gonna like it!”
Tags: author: darkqueenmeg, kirk/spock, rating: r
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