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Indecent Proposal part 2/?

Title:Indecent Proposal part 2/?
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: pg-13 for this chapter? rated R next chapter!
Summary: Spock has a favour to ask Kirk.
Disclaimer: if I owned them, in STIX, Kirk and Spock would've never worn shirts and their pants would've been tighter.
Author's Note: Unbeta'd.....be kind :) there will be mistakes!

A week later, Jim is waiting for Spock to show up for their scheduled chess game. There will be no game tonight. The lesson will begin tonight instead, though Spock is unaware of this. When Spock nodded at his captain earlier that day and asked him if he was free that evening for chess, Jim had very casually (or so he hoped) smiled and replied that yes, of course he was. Why Spock always needed to confirm with Jim that he was free, when he had been free every Tuesday for the past few years (so long as unexpected visitors or circumstances did not prevent it) was unknown to him, but just as he always knew they would play chess on this evening each week, he also know that Spock would confirm the plans that afternoon. Some things never change.

The door to Jim's quarters chimed (ah yes, right on time of course!) and Spock entered on cue. In his hand he carried his board as always and with a quick nod to Jim he began to set up the pieces on the usual table. Jim moved over to the table and instead of sitting in his place opposite Spock, he plopped himself down directly beside him and sat back. Spock paused his organizing and turned his head slightly towards Jim. He waited several heartbeats and after no change or recognition from his captain, he turned to fully face Jim with an eyebrow raised.

“Spock, you can stop setting up the board. We aren't playing tonight.”

“I apologize, did you have other plans tonight? I'm afraid I did not receive a message from you saying that you had, but I will leave-”

“No,no Spock. You aren't going anywhere,” Jim chuckled as he placed a hang on Spock's shoulder “You asked me to play teacher, so I thought tonight would be the perfect time to begin my lesson plan.”

Jim could feel the muscles in Spock's back tense but he did not pull away. He sat the chess pieces he had begun to put away down on the board and placed his hands calmly on his lap.

“I thought you had already begun the lesson, Jim.”

Jim looked at him confused, “Umm....when was this? I'm pretty sure I'd know if I -”

“Anticipation I believe was your first lesson, was it not?”

Jim laughed as he lightly ran his hand across Spock's back to his other shoulder and gently tried to pull him back.

“Oh right, yes anticipation. So..... did you feel any this week?”

Spock remained seat upright and rigid but did not shrug over Jim's touch.

“I unfortunately must admit I did not understand the lesson and as it was presently rather abruptly, I did not have the chance to clarify.”

“Ha! Already you criticize my teaching methods! Where you like this with your teachers on Vulcan? Full of attitude and lip?'

Spock looked at Jim disapprovingly, “I was a most obedient and respectful student, I assure you. I did not mean to criticize your teaching methods, perhaps I have failed to grasp a proper understanding of what you would define as anticipation in this regard.”
Jim pulled less gently on Spock's shoulder and this time receive an ever so slight rejection- Spock pulled his shoulder away from him. Jim smirked but sat up and so his mouth was inches away from Spock's pointed ear.

“No need to be offended, Spock. I'm sure you were the teacher's pet in all of your classes. Now sit back and be mine.”

Spock did so, but kept his body facing forward, his hands clasped in his lap with his head tilted slightly towards Jim.

“Good. Well. I think it's probably best if we start with the basics, right? Work our way through everything, as you master each step.” Jim turned himself on the couch to face Spock, with one leg folded beneath him. “Ok, so first of all, this whole lesson will work a lot better if you actually face me. Generally, this stuff is done with the people involved facing each other- ok that's not always the case! There's definitely some fun to be had when you're not facin' each other but we should keep this simple for now, don't wanna confuse you!”

Spock situated himself so he was sitting cross legged on the couch facing Jim, and waited silently for him to continue.

“Ok!So!” Jim slapped his hangs against his thighs and exhaled loudly, “I guess the most basic thing when it comes to sex is kissing. Now I know you know what this is, I've seen you do it! Nice one by the way! Alotta guys were jealous about that, lemme tell ya!”

Jim winked at Spock who sat looking at him rather confused, “Well anyway, we should still start with that since you know.....if you want me showing you the rest we have to be comfortable doing that at least. It'll just be really awkward if we're doing other stuff, blowing and fucking each other and there's no kissing involved!”

Again, Spock looked confused, “What do you mean by 'blowing and fucking'? I am unfamiliar with these terms.”

Jim couldn't help but blush at hearing Spock say those words. What seemed so normal for anyone else to say seemed extremely erotic coming out of Spock's mouth. Jim felt a response to this as the front of his pants became slightly tighter.

“We'll get to those later! Jumping ahead of myself a little bit with those! They're later! Probably much later! But we'll get to them....eventually, if you want”

Jim shock his head, as if that would remove the images that were now in it, “So anyway, back to kissing! Let's give that a go, ok?”

Jim leaned forward and placed both of his hands on Spock's shoulders, and gently pulled him forward as well. Spock allowed this and even closed his eyes as Jim brought him closer. Ah, good! So he knows that much at least! Jim thought. Jim pressed his lips against Spock's in a short, closed mouth peck. He kept his eyes open in order to watch Spock's reactions, to see if any of those was making him uncomfortable. When he saw no discomfort shown he leaned in again, pressing harder. He moved his lips slowly on Spock's, his hands feeling as Spock's shoulder's first tensed but then gradually began to loosen.
They kissed like this for several minutes, and Jim could feel Spock becoming relaxed (or at least as relaxed as he could ever imagine Spock getting). He was leaning in to Jim and responding to his kisses, even pressing forward if he started to pull away. Jim ran a hand up from Spock's shoulder, along his neck and cup his the side of his face, holding him in place as he pulled away slightly.

“Ok, good. Very good! So you've got the basic kiss down, let's try some tongue, shall we? Have you done that before?”Jim asked as he slide his hand from Spock's face, down his thin but firm chest, under his arm to rest on his back in order to pull him closer.

Spock's skin tone had taken on an ever so slight greenish tinge, “No, I have not.”

Jim leaned forward again, pressing his lips to Spock's, who's responded immediately and whispered “Open your mouth.”

Spock's mouth opened slightly, and Jim traced his lips with his tongue. He heard a small sharp intake of breath as he slide his tongue slowly into Spock's mouth. The tongue inside remained dormant, but Jim continued exploring the mouth and tongue gently. After several minutes Jim's tongue retreated, but the kissing continued. Jim wanted to test whether Spock would explore on his own.

Eventually Spock pulled back, “Jim?”

Jim smiled, “Show me what you've learned.”

Spock wasted no time in pulling Jim to himself, pressing their mouths together. He pulled away slightly and mimicked the way Jim had teased his lips with his tongue. Jim found that Spock was a fast learner and couldn't help but become increasingly aroused. He had to stifle a moan as Spock's tongue gracefully (how could he be so graceful at this already!?) slide in to his mouth just as slowly and fully as Jim's had explored. Jim tried his best to remain submissive, to allow Spock to explore at his own leisure but found in increasingly difficult. Finally, he couldn't resist any longer. His tongue was sliding along Spock's, his hands were gripping his back tightly. There was a small moan, though Jim refused to believe it was his own.

Jim moved forward, pressing Spock down onto his back, his legs uncrossing as Jim crawled between them to rest on top. All this Spock allowed silently, and when Jim pulled back for a moment he could see that Spock's eyes were dilated and his breathing had increased. Good to know he is reacting to all of this as much as I am, Jim thought.

“Ok, so this now would be called 'making-out' “ Jim explained as he began forming a chain of open mouthed kisses from Spock's lips to his ear. “Kinda reminds me of my high school days but fun right?”

Before Spock could voice an opinion on the matter, Jim began running his tongue lightly up the outer ridge of his ear, from lobe to the point. Jim suspected this would get a reaction, even some humans had ear fetishes, but what he didnt expect was the rather violent thrust against his hips and the hand snaking it's way in to his hair and clawing at his scalp.

“oh, lesson for me, I guess huh? Spock has very sensitive ears” Jim laughed as he repeated the action and Spock's hips thrust up again, uncontrollably. Jim decided to show some mercy and continued on his way, alternating between kissing and licking down Spock's neck. The hand in his hair relaxed somewhat but was not removed. Jim knew when Spock rolled his head away to allow for better access that he was enjoying this. Jim decided to further his explorationg of his first officer's neck and ran his teeth along it gently. Spock stilled completely. Jim wasn't sure if this was bad or good, so he figured he'd continue until Spock told him otherwise. He nibbled gently on Spock's shoulder, or at least as much of it that he could reach while having his uniform in the way. Spock still did not stop him. He lay motionless except for the quick rise and fall of his chest.

Jim had an overwhelming urge to bite down on the displayed neck before him. Hard. Since Spock didn't seem to be resisting him in anyway, Jim did. He bit down on the side of Spock's neck, half way between his ear and his shoulder. Immediately, Spock's hips rose and thrust harder than before, and Jim was certain this time that the moan he heard was not his own. Legs and arms held him in place though brown eyes remained closed, so he continued assaulting Spock's neck with bites and licks. He could see a green circle on the neck where he had bitten down and he kissed and sucked it gently until Spock's breathing had returned to normal.

Jim removed himself from the limbs and stood looking down at Spock, laying on his couch, eyes closed, skin flushed green.

“Spock.” He said softly, trying to rouse him, “Spock, are you alright?”

Spock opened his eyes and looked at Jim startled. He quickly sat up and straightened his hair and clothing. He stood, nodded curtly at Jim and headed for the door.

“It is getting late, Captain. I should be taking my leave,” Spock said not making eye contact.

“Yeah, sure. Good idea. See you in the morning!” Jim said, catching up to Spock. Jim felt like he should say something else, but what would he say? Good job making out Spock! Great initiative on the dry humping?

Instead, Jim headed off to the shower to relieve some built up tension.
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